Oven-ready? Vogue 1335 pullover in silver

Vogue 1335 pullover front long view

I love shiny fabric. When I came across this heavy-weight silver knit on Goldhawk Road last year I knew it had to come home with me despite the fact that I had no immediate plans for it. I found it again while going through my stash in December and immediately thought of Vogue 1335, the Guy Laroche jacket that I spent about three months making last year. The pattern has a definite science fiction vibe which I thought would pair well with the silver.

Vogue 1335 envelope art

However I wanted something a little more casual and faster to sew than the original so I omitted the front closure and turned it into a pullover. The neckline is easily wide enough to go over my head. The adaptation for the shell is very easy: fold the right front pattern pieces on the centre-front line and cut them on the fold. The lining required a bit more effort: I cut an extra copy of the front neckband piece in the silver fabric to use as the inside front neckband, and made a lining piece by merging the original front lining piece with the original front facing less the neckband. While I was making new pattern pieces I also did new lower sleeve pieces without most of the extra length I’d added to the sleeve pattern first time around. The original sleeves run seriously long. These are now the original sleeve length plus half an inch. I’d normally add two inches.

Vogue 1335 pullover front closeup

While making it I wondered if it was going to turn out a little too much like this costume from Blake’s Seven. Probably my favourite Avon costume, but not entirely practical for real life. (Picture courtesy of the Blake’s Seven Image Library). I think the fact that my top is more of a metallic grey than full-on bacofoil silver saves it.

Avon wearing silver foil

All of my recent practice at welt pockets is paying off. I didn’t make a sample for these and I don’t think I had to unpick anything for once. My only complaint with the way they came out is that they are a little shallow. I’m always a bit paranoid about putting my phone in them although they’re fine for smaller things. I could easily make deeper pocket bags another time.

Vogue 1335 pullover front view with pockets

Here’s a back view. Somewhat creased because I’ve been wearing this a lot lately. I normally take blog photos before putting a new garment into regular rotation but the weather’s been rubbish and I like this top far too much to wait on photos before wearing it. I’m wearing it here with my Burda jeans and black knit top.

Vogue 1335 pullover back view

That’s more than enough pictures for one blog post; I’ll post some detail shots of this and talk about the construction problems I ran into next time.

25 thoughts on “Oven-ready? Vogue 1335 pullover in silver

  1. A great way to re-use this pattern. It looks like a big comfie hoodie (without the hood) – I’d wear something like this in a heartbeat.

  2. It turns absoultly graet! Good choice πŸ™‚ It is so you wearing this cardigan/sweater/top. You could think of making one big, deep pocket bag next time.. well just big enought to put all these needed things.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, I guess it wouldn’t interfere with the welt construction. I have a sweater with an internal kangaroo pocket and I love it, also keeps the bags from flopping around.

      I really love it as a pullover, futuristic but not overly so, the fabric looks amazing.

  3. I love this!!! I keep saying I am going to add this pattern to my collection. It’s high end fashion πŸ™‚

  4. So cool, you look really tough in these pictures! I wonder, if you made it again, could the pockets become one kangaroo pocket instead.

  5. This looks great. Definitely sci-fi, but in a very good way. I love the way you converted the jacket pattern into something very similar, yet very different at the same time.

  6. I like it – very robotic. Possibly this is why the vertically set pockets look (to me) so much like something should plug into them – power cables, or a fuel line.

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