Searching for styling pictures

I’m a big fan of Vogue patterns but I find I often have to look past the envelope art to the technical drawing to spot the best ones. The problem is that styling and photography is so subjective! Vogue give us several good clear shots of each pattern they photograph these days but I’m always interested in more views. And of course for the designer patterns there are often runway shots of the same garment to be found on the Internet.

So I started putting together a collection of Vogue pattern photos with other photos of the same garments for my own reference. (See I’m not just idly browsing, I’m doing research.) If anyone’s interested there are links to the designers I’ve done a pattern image hunt for here. It’s all on Pinterest at the moment because that was the quickest way to set it up. Hopefully I’ll add more as I find them.

14 thoughts on “Searching for styling pictures

  1. Fantastic idea. I know there is great potential in so many patterns but drawings, fabric choice and model choice make it so uninspiring and hard to see sometimes. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, I hadn’t even started looking for Rachel Comey and now you’ve reminded me of a few of her patterns I have stashed away and really must make up.

  2. I do the same thing, always research any pattern I’m intersted in. Love Google! Like you, I keep examples in my pattern file, along with the pattern info, line art, my sewing notes, etc., in my case on Evernote, which I can see on my phone, IPad, laptop or Pcs. Fun!

  3. This is great. I’m always looking up the runway photos, too—I find it’s too easy to overlook a great design if you go only from the pattern envelope. I’ve actually sold a pattern, then seen the runway photo and had to go track it down again..
    May I suggest you post things here (eventually), both for SEO and those not on Pinterest? 😉

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