Baggy trousers – Vogue 1417 again

Vogue 1417 trousers

I bought Vogue 1417 for the caped top I blogged about a few weeks ago, but there’s also a trouser pattern in the envelope. And being in need of more trousers I thought I’d give it a go.

This pattern is not my usual style. I normally wear skinny trousers and these are more than roomy. They also have an uncomfortable resemblance to tracksuit bottoms. However they have pockets and looked like a quick sew with little or no fitting required so worth a try.

Vogue 1417 view b line art

I made these up in a polyester double knit from Tissu Fabrics. The pattern is designed for ‘moderate stretch knits’. I think these would be great in a wool double knit if I could find such a thing – polyester isn’t the warmest thing to wear in the winter. I’m unconvinced by the pattern envelope suggestion of cotton knit. In my experience 100% cotton knit goes baggy as soon as you look at it. Maybe one with some lycra in would work.

The pattern runs enormously large. With a Vogue pattern I normally go down one size from what the size chart tells me to make. For this one I went down two sizes after checking the flat pattern measurements, and they still sit a little below where they should on the waist. Good length though. I added my usual two inches to the length. They look a bit long here because I’m wearing them over boots rather than heels, but they’ve come up similar in length to the ones in the pattern photo.

I think the most interesting feature of these is the very deep front pleats. All of that fancy back seaming might as well not be there if you make them in black. I can’t see it at all in the pictures, nor do I notice it when putting them on or washing them.

Vogue 1417 back view

I love the pockets. The pocket bag is made of lining fabric to reduce bulk. They are nice and deep, and constructed in a clever way that reinforces the opening edge and gives a very clean finish inside.

Vogue 1417 side view

These have been getting a lot of wear since I made them. They come out at least once a week because they’re comfortable and practical. However I still wonder if they’re too casual for work. (This is ‘too casual’ purely in my own eyes. There is no dress code whatsoever.) So this is a strange pattern that I’m wearing to death but I doubt I’ll make again. At least not unless I find some wool doubleknit.

12 thoughts on “Baggy trousers – Vogue 1417 again

  1. I was keen to see these made up. I rather like them. With a drapey fabric and heels they might look good as evening wear, but I agree that in a nice stretchy wool they would be useful in this horrid weather. I have been wearing my boiled wool (jersey) suit and at the jacket with wooly skirts, for the past week and I am glad of the warmth it provides. Yet you appear to be wearing just a jumper with them, in the country, in the morning!

  2. Love love love – I’m a baggy trouser fan. Real trousers, not pants. The pleats are wonderful. I agree with you re. cotton jersey, it bags like crazy. Stable knits with 4-way stretch are hard to find, but what are needed for pants. I use plain weave dbl-knit like yours a lot, but of course it’s perfect for Florida winters. Given the roominess, perhaps you’ll give them a go in a wool blend woven…black with a subtle white or grey stripe would be striking…either way, your obvious enjoyment of these makes me want a pair right now! Nice project.

  3. I like them! It’s funny, because I can totally see how they are a departure from what you normally make, but they still seem to suit your style. I do get a more casual vibe from them, but they look comfy, and that’s always nice in a pair of pants. I don’t think they look too casual for work, but then I think that might depend on what you wear them with too. Basically I agree with pretty much everything you said in your write-up, but, anyway, they look good!

  4. Well, you look great in these pants. I look at that line drawing and all I can see is ugly baggy mens trousers with way too many pleats. Zero would be about right ( I love the back though). I look at them on you and they look so different and so good!

  5. You get away with these just fine. I, on the other hand, would look ridiculous! However, they look so comfy I don’t think I’d mind…

  6. I think these look great on you. Yes, the style is perhaps your go-to silhouette, but they’re not off on a tangent somewhere. I love the seaming in the back.

  7. These totally suit you! I can see why you might feel they are ‘too casual’ as you can tell they are quite comfy, but the front DEFINITELY looks like a trouser and they are not saggy in the seat like a jogging pant would be so I think they are definitely office appropriate 🙂

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