Truth, justice, and Vogue 1417

This is the top from Vogue 1417. This style is all about the cape. There’s an interesting knit top pattern under there with an asymmetric hem and unusual seaming, but you’d never know!

Vogue 1417 front view

Here’s the line art. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the seaming. The side seams are on a diagonal so the back piece is much narrower at the bottom than the top. The picture gives an idea of the size of the cape though. The pattern piece is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen.


This was a lot of fun to sew. It’s not terribly difficult or time-consuming but there’s slightly more to it than making a t-shirt. I thought the pattern instructions were unusually good. I followed them almost exactly for once; the only change I made was to add a bit more interfacing around the zip which made it a lot easier to insert. I made this entirely on my regular sewing machine with a narrow zig-zag stitch despite having the overlocker ready to hand. You need a twin needle for the hems but that’s about it for special equipment.

I made it from a viscose-lycra knit from Tissu Fabrics. At the time of writing it’s still available here. This is a lovely fabric. It’s medium-weight and fairly stretchy. It presses very well which was a great help in hemming. The only downside is that there’s a definite wrong side to it which is slightly shinier than the right side.

Vogue 1417 right side

Although it was fun to sew it’s rather a nuisance to wear. The cape tends to get in the way and I find myself pushing it back all the time. That could probably have been predicted from the pattern photo, but I liked the design enough to give it a try. And I’m glad I did because without the cape I think this would make a great top. I’d probably go up a size if making the shell on its own. There are no finished pattern measurements on the tissue and I didn’t take any notes, but it’s very close-fitting.

Vogue 1417 left side

One more picture, because the back view is rather the point of this garment.

Vogue 1417 back view

Despite having complained about the impracticality of this design I’ve actually worn it a few times. It’s no good at all for work but nice for cooler weekends where the cape adds a bit of warmth. I don’t think it’s ever going to be a favourite garment, but I’ll definitely revisit the pattern in future.

32 thoughts on “Truth, justice, and Vogue 1417

  1. I like seeing that pattern made up, though it wouldn’t be practical for the me either, as the weather changes so frequently it’s “jacket on jacket off” here. Is it possible to use the pattern just to make the top underneath?

  2. I love how this looks on you, great choice of pattern. I can imagine it is a little impractical yes but it looks fantastic in photos! I’ll look forward to seeing more of the top underneath

  3. It is very striking and I love how the drape mimics the line of the front hem. It also does really suit you. So I take it the side seams are sort of desgned to be hidden by the drape? Clever. I know exactly what you mean about wearing it though. Everything I’ve ever made that has some dangly bit I end up hate wearing no matter how flattering. Definitely best for short term like a dinner.

  4. Another fabulous and edgy piece. All wardrobes needs some like this: dramatic, different, and perfect for occasional wear. Thanks for reviewing such an interesting design.

  5. This is beautiful, you look like you are on a glamorous movie set from the 30s. But, yes, I can’t picture wearing this out to eat (or cooking in it) and if it was chilly and you had to put on a jacket….how do you do that??

  6. What a very fun top – I bet it would look equally good with a skirt and boots for a more dressy look. I’d feel a bit superhero-ish in it.

  7. I love this. So many black tops are just so predictable. This is really unusual and looks great with jeans. I wonder how the trousers would come out.

  8. So glad to see this one made up, I’ve been vacillating about it since it was published. It’s fabulous, I’m even more tempted now! We all need a bit of impracticality now and then.

  9. I love this shirt! I’ve never seen this pattern before but I’m going to have to go find it now. I love how it’s a pretty simple, “casual” garment but it’s still so dramatic. It looks stunning on you!

  10. No matter if it is not wearable to go to work … beautiful, funny, impressive and original … It’s Who needs more of a garment ??

  11. I love that you can pull off such a dramatic look. You make such an unusual garment look so sophisticated!

  12. Well, you always look stunning in everything you make! I love the cape on you! but I can see how it might get in the way of everyday life. Your creations always make me want to go and check out the Vogue patterns again πŸ™‚

  13. As always, you’ve made a dramatically stunning garment. I love it on you! A great garment for warmer autumn and early spring days, when a coat is too much. A great make!

  14. I love your style! You should definitely make that Ralph Pink jumpsuit from several posts back – you would totally rock it.

  15. Great review and very cool look! Assuming one knows how to alter necklines, would it work without the turtle neck or is that an essential part of the design? I’m too claustrophobic to wear turtlenecks but really want to make this. Of course I could make one as-is and give it to one of my sisters πŸ™‚ Thank you for your post!

    1. Thanks! The turtle neck is a separate pattern piece so I think you could manage without it and just sew the cape to the neckline directly. Not sure about the zip though. I think it would work in the same way as before but I’d want to try it with unloved fabric first as I think it would be difficult to get a nice finish at the top because the cape piece is so huge and hard to handle.

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