The wetsuit look: Vogue 8866 in scuba knit

Vogue 8866 grey top

I’m getting my money’s worth out of Vogue 8866. It’s a wardrobe pattern so you might expect to get multiple makes from it, but I’ve only used two of the five views so far. And those two are so similar they’re really the same pattern: a knit top which can be lengthened into a dress. The grey top below is the most recent incarnation. Previously I’ve done the dress in a sparkly doubleknit and the top in an unusual textured jersey.

This version is made in a scuba knit from Tissu Fabrics. The colour is evocatively described as platinum grey. Sadly they now seem to have sold out of the grey although there are other colours available. It’s fairly heavy weight with good recovery, but not ultra-stretchy. I definitely should have gone up a size on the top this time. You can see quite a bit of wrinkling below.

Vogue 8866 grey front view

The original pattern has got a keyhole opening at the back neckline and the collar closes with hooks and eyes. For this version I replaced all that with a zip in the centre back yoke and collar seam, which I made a complete pig’s ear of, managing to sew over the teeth in a couple of places. Amazingly it looks OK in the pictures but it only unzips about halfway! It was supposed to be an invisible zip but I ended up inserting it with top-stitching like a centred zip because I hadn’t thought the construction through properly in advance.

Vogue 8866 back view

The original pattern has a lot of top-stitching on the decorative curved seams. I didn’t bother with that on my previous makes, which were in very textured fabric, but on this one it was worth the effort because it shows up against the smoother surface. You can just about see it on the raglan seams in the picture below.

Vogue 8866 grey closeup

I wasn’t very pleased with this make when I finished it, what with the zip and sizing problems. However it’s grown on me. It’s been worn to work a couple of times which is always a good test, although one of my colleagues did compare it to a wetsuit. I guess I can’t complain too much if the fabric’s called scuba knit.

13 thoughts on “The wetsuit look: Vogue 8866 in scuba knit

  1. Form-fitting tops look good on you, and on cold days you can use it as an under layer. I like the zip you added in the back. I’ve picked up the more boxy Vogue 9028 turtleneck that has this feature. Hopefully I’ll get it made sometime this season:)

  2. Funny (and possibly very annoying) how different fabric makes a completely different garment in terms of fit. I like your fitted top. The zip is the perfect touch.

  3. Looks so sleek on you. Is this fabric hot at all? Having been a scuba diver in the past and worn that body hugging neoprene that causes fainting in the sun until peeled away, I’m scared of this fabric!

    1. Thanks! It’s not too hot because it hasn’t got the layer of foam that real neoprene has. In fact I had to wear a jacket over the top of it yesterday to keep warm.

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