Lower body coverings: Burda 120-11-2013

Burda 120-11-2013 top half

Is it a skirt? Is it trousers? No, it’s Burda 120-11-2013!

Burda 120-11-2013 front

Burda describes these variously as crossover trousers and wrap trousers. I’m not sure what I’d call them, but I like them. They are made from a satin-backed crepe I’ve had lurking in my stash for a while. It was originally intended for an impractical Pamela Rolland designer dress that I never got around to making. These, err, lower body coverings are a much better use for it.

This is a Tall pattern and it really is one for the long of leg. I normally have to lengthen Tall patterns, never mind the regular ones, but not these. What you’re seeing here is the length as drafted less about an inch. I could easily have hemmed them shorter still, but I quite like the slouchy effect.

Part of the cause of the extra length is that they’re slightly too big. They are drafted to sit above the natural waist but mine definitely don’t. Another time I’d go down a size at the waist in these. I made what should have been the right size for me but made the mistake of not double-checking the waistband length in the pattern itself. It doesn’t help that the many folds of fabric in the crossover mean there’s a lot of weight hanging off that waistband and pulling it down so you need it to fit closely.

For trousers these are a fairly easy sew. There’s no fly front and the pockets are inseam pockets. I’m finding I get a bit of gapping with the pockets. It doesn’t really matter in practice because there’s so much else going on at the hips with these, but I notice that in the magazine photo the model has her hands in the pockets so perhaps it’s the pattern. You can see the gapping in the side view below.

Burda 120-11-2013 side view

The back is completely plain. Normally I think it looks a bit odd not to have back pockets on trousers, but with these it doesn’t bother me, probably because they are such an unusual shape.

Burda 120-11-2013 back view

The closure is just a couple of snaps. I wasn’t convinced that a snap would be secure enough to hold these up so I switched the outer snap to a hefty trouser hook and bar. Under the wrap section there’s a narrow slot in the right front so you can get in and out of them. I was deeply unconvinced by Burda’s directions for the slot: the pattern has you cut down the centre line of the slot and across at the ends, and then turn the edges of the cut under and stitch them down. That leaves the end of the slot completely unfinished. The end is where the maximum stress is; I can’t see that lasting long without tearing! I faced my slot instead and also interfaced the shell fabric in that area so it ended up looking like this.

Wrong side (before top-stitching):

Faced slot wrong side

Right side:

Faced slot right side

So how do these wear? So far, surprisingly well. They can do some strange things when you sit down, as can be seen below, but they’re really comfortable. The acid test will be whether I can cycle in them which I have yet to try. They’re plenty warm (all that fabric around the hips) so I should get a lot of wear out of them this autumn and winter. In fact strange as they are I can see myself making a second pair at some point.

Burda 120-11-2013 sitting

22 thoughts on “Lower body coverings: Burda 120-11-2013

  1. I have a similar style on my Pinterest board and I was really curious about how these would work out, I should have known you’d try these. They look great!

  2. I think that you were very wise to face that slot, I had to make a similar decision recently and there was much doubt on my part.
    Love your leg-coverings, and the location. Is that scaffolding? Girders? An art installation?!

    1. Thanks! The backdrop is a disassembled pile of girders that were used to make monkey bars for an obstacle race happening in the park. I was going for a sort of Burda Doing Scifi vibe…not sure it really worked but it was fun to try.

  3. Ooh! How wonderful to see a ‘normal person’ make these up!! I have only seem them in the magazine and to be honest was intrigued and not sure. But you mKe them look utterly wearable. Fantastic trousers / skrousers!! I love them

  4. I am so jealous! I love these and would love to try similiar, but that might be more fabric in those areas than I can flatteringly pull off. Ones more I live vicariously thru your style bravery!

  5. I liked this idea when I saw it but I think it needs a long leg length to balance the wrap, and I’m not tall enough to get away with it unless I use heels. But they look great on you! Re. the lack of finishing advice from Burda, observed exactly the same lack of reinforcement in the instructions for the skirt I made (11-2013-130). I think this is quite sloppy of Burda, it would require only a tiny amount of extra text.

  6. Ah, these are awesome! I totally thought you would look awesome in these pants when I saw them in the magazine, so I am super excited to see you wearing them. You should definitely consider making a second pair.

  7. Yes, make another pair! I reckon you need a white pair as well. these look fabulous on you, with your enviably long slim legs. The style suits you beautifully.

  8. These are really interesting, and they work well on you! I remember that when I saw these in the magazine I thought that they would only work for a select few, but you are one of those.

  9. You have been making some really cool pieces. Not many people could pull this off, but it looks great on you. And I love your jumpsuit! The lake location does make me think you could have just landed in your biplane:) (I would leave a comment there but the comments are closed?)

  10. Funny how we often choose the same pattern of all the things in Burda! And even funnier how we use a completely different fabric for it! I made these pants in black and white stripe. Hmm, I still need to tweak them a bit. My least favourite part is the bottom which just sort of hangs saggily. Not sure how to make that look better… BTW, I found your blog when I was trying to figure out how to finish the inside of the cheongsam dress from B 2/2012. And of course I made that from a much more colourful fabric than you:-D

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