Spot the difference: Drape Drape 17 again


I said last week that my brown version of Drape Drape 17 was intended as a trial run, although I’ve worn it a lot. This is the real thing. The fabric is a very drapey lightweight interlock knit that I’ve had in my stash for a while. It is much more like the recommended weight for this style than the heavier brown fabric was.

Drape Drape No 17 front brown dk

This time I took extra care with the hems. They tend to flip outwards on the brown dress and I think that’s because they stretched out when I sewed them. For the yellow dress I interfaced the hems with some lightweight fusible knit and sewed them with a twin needle. They still flip out a little but not too badly. You can just about see it on the back view below.


I’d been saving this fabric for something special and luckily I had bought three metres of it, because the dress needs a lot of fabric to make all those drapes. Every time I move all the layers rearrange themselves, but despite that it’s very easy to wear.


The underlying silhouette of the style is pretty shapeless and there’s no waist to speak of, which makes it very comfortable on hot days.


Two is enough for this pattern but I have some different Drape Drape makes coming up soon!


18 thoughts on “Spot the difference: Drape Drape 17 again

  1. I love this on you! I prefer this one to the brown one. It’s such a great colour and those drapes are fantastic! I’m not sure if a dress like this would suit me. It does look good on you though!

  2. Oh my it’s so luxurious looking!!! And I totally see how it would be a perfect cool dress to wear in the heat- but exceedingly stylish. Fabulous

  3. Definitely worth making twice, I love the unusual colour and it looks like the fabric has perfect drape for this type of dress.

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