Space clothes: Vogue 1335 modelled


I like space clothes: the sort of thing BBC costume designers came up with for 70s and 80s scifi shows. Vogue 1335 definitely fits the description. Unfortunately we don’t have a post-apocalyptic wasteland round here to use as a backdrop for photos, so my garden will have to do.


The original looks like this:

Vogue 1335 envelope art

Finishing this project coincided with one of the UK’s rare heatwaves. I’m wearing this with my Vogue 1378 neoprene leggings and a black wool jersey top derived from Burda 122-4-2011. And I’m melting. The jacket shell fabric is wool.


Here’s the back. It holds its shape pretty well. The diameter at the waist is actually greater than at the hem on this design.



This is meant to be an oversized style but the sleeves in particular are very long. I added the usual two inches to the length that I always do with Vogue patterns and ended up removing it again. I also added two inches to the body length, which again I normally do, and that was about the right amount.


The pockets are very roomy.


They’re pretty high upon the body, but I think it works with the design.


The fasteners are a little bit fiddly! I’m glad I didn’t need the internal snaps that were on the pattern as well as external fasteners.


Not such a good picture of the jacket, but I like the Doctor Who monster pose. And it’s about the only shot I have where any of the lining is visible. The lining fabric is a heavy poly satin that just adds to the insulation factor.


So there it is. I’ll have to wait until the end of summer to wear this for real, but I’m really pleased with the result.


24 Responses to “Space clothes: Vogue 1335 modelled”

  1. You totally rock this jacket. It looks absolutely fabulous.

  2. Wow! This look is so amazing on you. What a great set of magazine-worthy photos.

  3. So amazing! I’ve been dying to see the end product on you…even better than I’d anticipated!

  4. It’s a spectacular jacket. Halfway between space suit and lab coat, which I guess ticks all the sci-fi boxes?

    It looks/sounds super warm, as well. I really hope this heatwave breaks soon …

  5. 5 Kristin

    So chic! And beautifully finished. I think your closures add a bit of an industrial touch, which is quite nice with the sci-fi vibe. It suits you so well!

  6. Fab. U. Lous. Perfect for wearing whilst ordering about Space Commander Travis!

  7. Fantastic. Love the Doctor Who pose. And thank you for melting so that we could see the jacket!

  8. So awesome. What a great jacket!

  9. That is fantastic. I love it.

  10. Catherine, Iove this. It looks as though you made it so beautifully. All the time and effort spent was so worth it. And it’s always so great to see a person who is unafraid of wearing such a defined sort of style. You are uncompromising. Love it!

  11. 11 Inna

    Wow! That is fantastic!

  12. So very cool. And I love seeing such a different style line/aesthetic! You’re rockin it, for sure🙂

  13. Wow. I’m almost speechless with admiration.. almost!! You did such a beautiful job, it looks very high end! I have this pattern too and now I reeeeally want to make it up 🙂

  14. Speechless – you have done an outstanding job with this coat. Im sure you cant wait to wear it in more suitable weather tho🙂 I kinda like your snaps more than the suggested. Great job.

  15. 15 Clio

    It’s Sci-Fabulous! You look ready to conquer Hoth with style!

  16. amazing! and thanks for finishing this since it has no doubt guaranteed the heat wave will go on for months!

  17. 17 Allisonc

    This looks so cool and so expensive, amazing work! I think “space clothes” sums up your style perfectly, love it!

  18. It looks fantastic! You must be so pleased with it. Kudos!

  19. I love it when someone sews the more fashion forward patterns. Your jacket is wonderful, and you wear this style so well.

  20. The world needs more space clothes.
    Great job with everything, it was definitely worth the effort!

  21. Amazing job! The white really shows off the seaming details and crisp finishing. Thanks for tackling Vogue’s more dramatic offerings🙂

  22. This is amazing! Such a cool look, and it all looks fantastic – great seaming!

  23. That jacket was designed with you in mind. You look fantastic and it really is a great jacket. Great work.

  24. Woooo it’s epic! Hmmm that pocket does look a little high but shouldn’t be a problem. Such a dramatic garment and I’m sure the weather will be rubbish again in no time

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