Girly dresses: Summer Vogues

It doesn’t seem five minutes since the spring Vogue pattern release and now the summer patterns are out. As usual they aren’t available in the UK yet but that never stops me picking my favourites.

The designer section is strangely samey this time around: it’s one sweetly feminine dress after another. If that appeals, there are plenty of interesting variations to choose from. Want scallops? 1398 has you covered. Peplum? See 1399. Lace? Try 1393. Pleats and a button back? 1394, although making it up in a splashy print as in the photo below completely hides the details.

Vogue 1394 envelope photo

If you’re not into sweet and feminine there are a couple of edgier styles. DKNY has a throwback to the eighties in 1396 (and for the avoidance of doubt, that is a good thing.)

Vogue 1396 envelope photo

And Guy Laroche has an unusual shirtdress, 1400. I’m not convinced by the pockets over the bust, but look at the cut-out shoulders and the bands. I recommend clicking through to the Vogue website because the back view is good as well. Now if only we get a summer this year.
Vogue 1400 envelope photo

There are two new Vintage Vogue patterns: 9000 is a cute shirt-styled dress, and 8999 is a dress with a fabric hogging 20 gore skirt. You’re going to need about six metres of wide fabric to make it, but the end result will be spectacular. The pattern includes a bolero, but Vogue didn’t photograph it.

Vogue 8999 envelope photo

There are two Sandra Betzina Today’s Fit patterns. 1390 is seriously tempting. The shape is unusual and I love the pintucked version. I’m showing the line art because Vogue only photographed the plain one. I wonder about the fabric options though: linen, silk, cotton stretch wovens, knits, soft leathers or suedes. So, pretty much anything at all then?

Vogue 1390 line art

The Easy Options patterns are solid as usual. Two more very feminine dress patterns, and unusually a 9008 is a pair of shorts. At first sight the shorts don’t seem to have many variations but you can have pleat front or flat front, back yoke or darts, and two types of pocket.

Very Easy Vogue is the most interesting section. There are lots and lots of pretty dresses, but also some more unusual styles. 8996 admittedly is yet another pretty dress, but it has pockets. 8994 is an original shape. And 8992 is an interesting take on the wrap dress.

Vogue 8992 pattern photo

As for the rest? There’s a Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture jacket, which is not for me but is sure to delight many other people. The regular Vogues have a couple of great tops in 8991 and 9004

Vogue 9006 envelope art

Overall it’s a very girly collection, big on puffy skirts and tiny waists. But for those of us who prefer other silhouettes there are one or two options in there. And major kudos to Vogue for providing more finished garment measurements on the envelope. All the ones I looked at had at least bust and hip measurements. It makes such a difference when you don’t have to unfold the tissue to choose your size.

I thought this would be a popular collection- everyone loves a dress after all – but the overall reaction I’ve seen so far has been lukewarm. What did you think of this one?

16 thoughts on “Girly dresses: Summer Vogues

  1. You picked out the most interesting patterns in this collection, IMO. And another good thing about this collection–which I hope is a trend–is that it includes 40 patterns, up from the typical 35.

  2. I like the overall collection – I think there is a nice mix of styles – but I feel like most of the styles I would want to wear I already have similar patterns. I also feel like everyone has a different opinion of which patterns are the good ones – it seems like everyone is pulling out a different pattern as their favorite, which probably leads to the overall muddled response. I feel like everyone has at least one pattern they like, so I am going to call this release a success for Vogue.

  3. so interesting to read other’s views on the new Vogue patterns each season. I saw a few that I liked but overall I thought it was a lot of repeated silhouettes. I think I saw one designer dress 1394 that was pretty but would probably be swimming on me, and 8993 is nice but I have a Simplicity pattern that is an almost exact copy. So I will try to save my $ for fabric !

  4. Overall I liked it, although it is heavily skewed towards those with tiny waists, as you said. The three Very Easy Vogues that you picked are the ones I have marked to purchase, plus maybe 9006 and the 9004 back-buttoned separates. There were others I liked, but these were my favorites. I’ll have to think a little more about that Sandra Betzina pattern. It could be a great showcase for interesting fabrics.

  5. I don’t like the girly stuff either (that first scallop tier dress made me feel a bit nauseous), but I’m not opposed to a waist seam so I think there were a few more that appealed to me. I’ll definitely be getting the V1390 Sandra Betzina and the V9004 top. Usually I love the DKNY patterns but I can’t look at this one without seeing a beauty pageant sash… sorry!

      1. Sorry, I hope I didn’t deter you from it! I think it would be less noticeable if the sash part wasn’t made out of a shiny fabric.

  6. It’s a shame they did 9012 in such a hideous fabric — the line drawing for the top is interesting. 1390, view B is definitely a winner.

  7. I`m a girly girl dress wearer so I am overjoyed by this new collection. Well, I do agree there is a sameness to the dress patterns specifically. However, like you, I love the Easy Options patterns so much. I have this sort of printed denim fabric I hope will be enough for the collared wrap dress and I love that shoulder-princess cowl top so very much. Am already waiting the next online sale!
    On a related note, it seems Vogue and Butterick are leading the pack for me, based on my purchases. Simplicity is sooo boring lately, I just do not understand. Mostly, I buy New Look knit séparâtes. McCall`s is hit or miss. I Wonder if the merger is to blame?

  8. I’m with you — not a fan of poufy girly-girl dresses. I like 1390 too, but I’m a little intimidated by the tucks. Might try view A as a colorblocked t-shirt dress.

  9. I am so over the girly dresses, the twee, retro, the fit and flare, and so over the belt at the waist thing. I feel like too many dress patterns cater to these style,even the indies.What gives?????I haven’t bought a dress pattern in ages. My impression? meh.

  10. I like the collection. There is a bit of something for almost everyone to make something even those who are not keen on waist seams. Many of them seem to be everyday wear.My favorites– 1398 Mark and James, 1393 Kay Unger, 8998 easy options, 1400 Guy Laroche(I also like the interesting sleeve slits and back slit), 8992 easy options double breasted wrap which would be great for fall/winter too.

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