Easily pleased – the Spring Vogue release

The Spring Vogue Patterns release is out. It’s not made it to the UK at the time of writing but that’s never stopped me looking and making plans before.

Spring and Summer are normally my least favourite seasons for patterns. This collection would be no exception to the rule, were it not for the fact that Ralph Rucci is back with this design, 1381. I love this silhouette and the style has all the detail you expect; this time there’s quilting on the yokes, waist, and cuffs in addition to the regular cleverly hidden pockets and kimono/raglan sleeves.

Vogue 1381

The rest of the designer patterns have no must-sews for me. I was going to say that most of them are too dressy for my lifestyle, but if I really love a pattern then that doesn’t stop me. I’ve been struggling to describe what’s wrong with them and it’s basically that they lack excitement. Take this Donna Karan jacket and skirt, 1389. Lovely, but so very sensible and grown up. Where’s the drama?

Vogue 1389

Of course I’m being slightly unfair because there is one pattern with drama, but not in a good way. Much as I love the 80s, 1383 is too much. One for the inner teenager?

Vogue 1383

There are two Vintage Vogue releases. I’m guessing these are 40s or 50s styles, which are not eras I’m a fan of, so I’m never going to buy these for myself. But both have lovely details. Look at the pleats on 8973. Now if only Vogue would release some of their 70s archive!

Vogue 8973

Easy Options is disappointing this time round. Only one pattern, which is also the custom cup size pattern, and it’s for a style I feel I’ve seen many times before. The options are two skirt shapes and three sleeves.

Vogue 8972

Very Easy Vogue contributes eight patterns to the collection. I normally find something to like here. There’s a cute shirtdress, 8970, and a dramatic evening skirt, 8980. However the rest are almost all loungewear – good in its place but I can get that from every other issue of Burda. Is it just me or did there used to be a lot of Very Easy Vogue dress patterns? Where did those go?

Vogue 8970

As for the rest? The ‘regular Vogue’ patterns? Well they are few in number, but there are some good ones. 8979 is a very interesting tunic top. There are two patterns for men: 8988 is for a suit and 8987 for a waistcoat. And there’s a very practical messenger bag pattern, 8990.

Vogue 8979

I would say it’s the usual spring disappointment – but Ralph Rucci more than makes up for the rest so I’m happy with this one and can’t wait for the sale! What did you think?

15 thoughts on “Easily pleased – the Spring Vogue release

  1. I was completely uninspired except for that Rucci number, which I ordered on sale last week (for their BMV members), but I think the patterns are on sale this week, if I’m not mistaken for $5.99/ea.

  2. Like you I thought the patters quite uninteresting. I do like the Ralph Rucci number, and after seeing your dress last week and quite tempted to try it -I’m very bad at top stitching though so this could be a problem.

  3. I agree with you on most of the patterns, though I have to say I like the Donna Karan. Not so much the jacket, but after looking at the line drawings I think the skirt is interesting and the top would be good. I think that recently Vogue doesn’t do the patterns any favours with its models and to get a better idea you have to examine the line drawings, but not in the case of the DKNY 1383. That’s just hideous for any age!

  4. I love the Ralph Rucci. I’ll be buying the Donna Karan suit too. It looks totally bland on the model and in that color, but I think there’s a lot to recommend it from the line drawings – a three piece sleeve, great lines on the jacket, interesting horizontal darts on the high waist skirt and it seems to be meant for stretch wovens or stable knit fabrics. Maybe not the most exciting DK, but I really like it. Also, not for me, but I think those who like pretty feminine blouses will like V1387.

  5. The Ralph Rucci is totally the best pattern of the lot. Not my style, but I hope you make it because I really want to see it worn by someone!

  6. I like the Ralph Rucci as well, and also that pleated vintage looks nice, but I think with a smaller skirt.

    I like the Rebecca Taylor blouse as well, but you’re probably right: you can get that in any Burda.

  7. The drama in DK 1389 is on the back of the skirt. Not much, admittedly. I really like the pleated Vintage Vogue dress 8973. Half a metre off the skirt length and it’ll be good to go!

  8. Hi Catherine,
    I didn’t know you like 70s patterns…
    If you’d like, and as an admiration for your lovely blog, I can send you some 70s burda issues.
    Drop me a note with your address and I’ll send you.

  9. That quitled dress is really very striking!! I can’t wait to see how it looks make up and on a normal human being…might that be YOU? 🙂 I’ll admit to being beige and absolutely LOVING the donna karen pattern combo (I always love the DK patterns for some reason) because the details on the skirt is awesome and that knit top looks like it has great bones for a bare basics with something slightly different. The jacket is a bit blergh though…

  10. Agree the Rucci is by far the most interesting. I also think the white tunic, when made up might be a really interesting top, it’s in my queue when it’s sale time. Look forward to seeing your future Rucci!

  11. The Rucci is definitely the standout.. Interesting point about Vogue’s 70s patterns– it never even occurred to me to send any in, as they’ve only ever done one post-50s Vintage Vogue (as far as I know). We should start a campaign 😉

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