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I’ve wanted a better iron for a while. I had a good one when I was at university, but shortly after I started sewing I dropped it and it never worked again. I hastily replaced it with something cheap and cheerful which I have been using ever since. It probably says something about its age that it’s styled to look like an early iMac – all white and blue translucent plastic. Anyway it worked. In fact it still works – at least it heats up. It just can’t steam. I don’t remember dropping it, but one day in November it poured water all over the ironing board when I started to use it. As soon I looked at it closely I saw the water tank had cracked.

I managed for a while by not putting any water in the iron. I made steam by dampening my fabric with a spray bottle of water, which I can’t recommend. It works but it’s easy to get the fabric too wet.

This is what I got for Christmas. Might seem silly to get excited over an iron, but this one is so much better than my old one. It produces loads of steam, it has a really long cord, and it hasn’t dripped once so far. And it’s red. Everyone knows red ones go faster, right? If anyone’s really interested it is a Bosch Sensixx’x DA50 Edition Rosso. Sounds more like a sports car than an iron.

Red iron

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  1. 1 Virginie

    Frankly, I can get excited about irons, too!! I acquired a Reliable i300 1 1-2 year ago, and it totally changed my sewing and made it so much more precise and pleasurable. I love to be in sewing room and hear the quiet sound of the vapor forming in the iron while I sew, I find it relaxing. Crazy, isn’t it? Have fun with yours, and I wish a Happy sewing year in 2014!

  2. Oh, bring on the irons! I can get really excited about an iron, especially one that sounds like a sports car! Happy happy sewing with your new super-fast gadget!

  3. I too am a big fan of a good solid iron! And in red, even better! Enjoy that iron and may it be speedy and super reliable!

  4. I am always on the look out for a good iron since I ‘kill’ them with use.

  5. Oh, definitely the sports car of irons. And everyone knows red makes it go faster. Definitely. Happy 2014 Sewing!

  6. Anyone who sews loves them a good iron. I didn’t know Bosch made irons, I have purchased every other iron known to man, must have a look at one of these babies. She looks like a beauty. Enjoy your steam!

  7. Thats a beauty…..I cant believe I just googled an iron……

  8. Congratulations on your new iron, Catherine! I totally understand. Last month I bought what has turned out to be the iron of my dreams after putting up with a bad one that left trails of water all over everything (and puddles on the floor) and didn’t get any creases out at all. Ironing was so stressful and, eventually, using it on my precious sewing was out of the question. My new one is like magic and for the first time in my life I enjoy ironing.

    Although mine is of a different make to yours, coincidentally it’s also black and red!

    Happy ironing and happy new year!

  9. Not silly to get excited over an iron, at all. I’m still occasionally surprised by how much ironing a typical sewing project involves – getting excited over something that makes it easier seems entirely natural to me …

    I have a cheapo white-and-translucent-blue iron, but now I want a red one!

  10. Now that is what I call a Christmas Pressie! Don’t burn yourself on the fantabulous steam though lol

  11. That is a magnificent beast of an iron, happy steaming and Happy New Year!

  12. I totally understand. I got the Elna Press for Christmas–and LOVE It!!
    Glad to see you back at the blog!
    Happy New Year!

  13. Sweet! A good iron is probably an investment I will need to make in the future, but for right now I am getting by with my low-end Black&Decker. But if the red ones go faster I am definitely going to have to look for that feature in my next ironšŸ˜‰

  14. Excellent! My iron has started leaking, so I’m in the market for an upgrade too.

  15. Looks fabulous I bet it turns the sewing room into a sauna! Great to see you back to blogging again, I’ve been missing your posts

  16. 16 Sheree

    I am glad I am not the only one to get excited about a new iron. My husband gets totally puzzled about the number I have got through over the years. I have just finished a craftsy course ( 40 techniques every sewer should know) and though I was aware, it was a good reminder that pressing is just as important as the sewing and can make a huge difference in just how professional a finished garment looks. At the moment I am debating about buying a perfectcare Philips?? Not sure though whether it will be worth the expense. Irons seem programmed NOT to last – It seems sometimes cheapest is best. That way there is not so much guilt about throwing out and getting a new one!

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