Good in parts? Autumn Vogues

First of all, thanks for all the insightful comments on my sack-like dress. I’ve worn it out of the house a couple more times since the photos were taken, and I’ve decided to keep it as it is rather than trying to make it match the original or even give up and recycle the fabric. Although now I’ve seen MaciNic, Lisa, and The Perfect Nose‘s versions I’m tempted to try the pattern again in a more suitable fabric one day.

Oh and for those who asked about my shoes, they are Melissa; that particular style’s been discontinued but there’s still plenty of plastic goodness on their UK site at Not that I just had a quick browse while checking the URL or anything.

But on to what is normally my favourite pattern collection of the year; the autumn Vogue release. They are only on the US site at the time of writing. And while it’s an improvement over the 2013 spring and summer releases, I’m still a little underwhelmed.

First things first: one thing I really approve of in this collection is the photography. No wacky poses this time round (remember Spring and Autumn 2012?). This time every style is simply photographed front, back, and both sides, and often there’s also a closeup of an interesting detail. There are more photos overall than I remember in previous collections, and in many cases at least one of the pattern variations has been photographed too.

The designer patterns just aren’t grabbing me this time around. The two Donna Karan designs are the best of the bunch: Vogue 1361 is an interesting day dress and 1365 a useful coat. But the more I look at the dress, the more I think I’d be tugging at it all day long to make it lie correctly.

Vogue 1361 pattern photo

1362 isn’t for me but it’s what Vogue designer patterns are all about: a strikingly unusual style that I wouldn’t want to try to draft myself.

Vogue 1362 pattern photo

The others are all things I think I could easily find versions of in Burda. Take 1363 for example. Possibly I’m missing something here? Nothing wrong with it, but if I’m going to be paying Vogue designer prices (eye-watering in the UK and they’re never less than half price even in sales) I want a pattern with wow factor or some unusual detail, and this isn’t it.

Vogue 1367 pattern photo

The non-designer patterns have much more interest. I’m not a jacket wearer myself, but there is a trio of jacket patterns with clean, unfussy lines that are tempting me: 8932, 8931 and 8937 (below).

Vogue 8932 pattern photo

And three very different coats: the asymmetric 8933, cosy and easy 8930, and interestingly egg-shaped 8934 (below).

Vogue 8934 pattern photo

Very Easy Vogue has some great simple patterns with a twist. 8926 is a stylish casual jacket (if you click through be sure to look at the tech drawing and not just the photos) and 8925 is a simple princess seamed top that could be used in lots of ways. Although I can’t decide if 8919 (below) has been murdered by horrible fabric choice or whether the seam lines are just in a bad place.

Vogue 8919 pattern photo

The Custom Fit pattern 8936 is for a peplum top with skirt and trousers. I am not a fan of the peplum, and the fake leather Vogue chose to make this up in isn’t helping, but I think the proportions on this one are fundamentally really good. I’d like to see it in a different fabric.

Vogue 8936

There are three Easy Options patterns: 8927, a set of blouses, 8928, a set of skirts which while an interesting basic pattern don’t offer a lot of variation, and 8936, a colour-block dress that’s probably my favourite item in the whole collection.

Vogue 8923 pattern picture

It’s also good to see another pattern for men: 8940 is a man’s coat and trousers.

So on the whole there’s a quite lot to like this time around, but the collection as a whole doesn’t rise to the heights I expect of Vogue. Things are definitely improving though; I’m looking forward to the Winter release!

What did you think? Am I missing something about the designer pattern? Would you wear the red Donna Karan? And can that peplum be saved?

19 thoughts on “Good in parts? Autumn Vogues

  1. I fully agree with you – the collection is missing this WOW effect. I like the dress 8936 as well. The first and the second dress and the yellow jacket attracted my attention though I am not so sure was it patterns or colours.
    So let’s enjoy next sunny day 🙂

  2. I agree with your assessment on the new Vogue releases. I’m not much of a dress girl so I pass on those anyway and besides, they do look a tad bit uncomfortable to wear.

  3. In total agreement. The yellow jacket and the sheath dress are great, but the rest is a pretty bad. I feel like we’ve seen it all before and better versions are out there. I think I’m going to pass on fall’s Vogue patterns.

  4. Despite having just sworn off Vogue for a while, I really like the first 2 dresses you posted and I do think the red DK pattern would look amazing on you. It seems to be a generally popular collection, and that dress in particular so maybe wait a bit for a few versions to pop up on blogs and see how it is to wear in real life.

  5. Have to say, I was really disappointed this time around. No Issey Miyake or Chado Ralph Rucci…? (Did I miss them?) I did get 8936 and 1362.

  6. I knew when I really liked the collection that meant a whole lot of people wouldn’t. However, I understand how you feel because I would want AWE and Wonder too if I had to pay so much for a pattern. I agree with Allison though that you would look wonderful in that DK dress and Vogue has had some pretty good success with the Donna Karan pattern line.

  7. I really like the mock wrap skirt – mainly because I think the thigh slit provides a bit of drama for a great high impact skirt… I was going to make a pencil skirt for a cocktail event but that one is much more appealing. Unfortunately they didn’t have the smaller size on the site when the sale was on.
    Thanks for pointing out the jackets. Some of those look great – and highly wearable!

  8. Overall, I really liked this collection, although my impression was that there were fewer designer patterns than usual. But maybe it’s that there is less pizazz to them? I love the DK – best wrap dress pattern ever. And I thought the jackets were a real strength in the collection. I like the egg shaped one. And honestly, I’m just so relieved that there are no bonkers poses and that they seem to have dialed back the number of peplums and assymetrical/mullet hems!

  9. Only two new vogues went into my wishlist. The first red dress and the yellow suit. Mostly very same same, quite nice but no need to purchase.

  10. I’m with you, nothing to make me run out and buy. The egg-shaped Tilton coat is OK, but I think she’s becoming predictable, so I pass. No on the DK dress and the peplum! Peplums make no sense to me, I work so hard NOT to accentuate that part of the bod!!

  11. You must have skipped over the new accessories patterns, because I know you will be wanting to add the frog purse to your sewing queue. What woman doesn’t have that hole in her wardrobe?

  12. I do like that last dress, the color block one, but I find it difficult to work up any enthusiasm now for fall/winter sewing. Too much summer left to enjoy here! and I prefer summer clothes anyway. I saw a color block jacket I liked also.

  13. I tried on a RTW top once with the hourglass-over-the-boobs seam lines on 8919, and it looked even more atrocious than it does on that model. I was actually rather blown away by just how BAD it was, considering it looked interesting on the hanger. 8936 (the rectangular blocks) is a much better choice, trust me.

    The Rebbecca Taylor separates have been some of my favorite patterns since vogue started selling her work, but I forget that vogue patterns cost so much more elsewhere in the world. $3.99 for a top and pants, sure. $30 is excessive.

  14. Well, I think it’s best to be slighty underwhelmed than throughly dissapointed like some earlier releases, so I’ll give them credit for that. A bit of positive reinforcement and no complaints from me. I saw quite a few I liked in this release.

  15. After being unimpressed by their releases for so long, I was actually really excited to see a few in this set that I really like! What can I say, I’m easily pleased 😛 Namely, the yellow jacket and the pink dress with the bias cut down the front.

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