2012 inspirations and 2013 goals

I’m running a bit late with this, given that it’s now 12th night so we’re well into 2013. But here are the last two top fives!

Top 5 of 2012

It is really difficult to pick only five bloggers that inspired me in 2012. I get half my sewing inspiration from other people’s blogs. But here are five who particularly influenced me this year.

  • Allison‘s blog is one of the first I ever discovered. I love her style. This year I shamelessly copied her Burda 116-08-2011 dress, including the way she fastens the belt, and it’s my current favourite dress.
  • Kazz‘s style is a riot of colour and interesting shapes. She inspires me to be bolder!
  • Chanel No. 6 is always sharp, witty, and full of interesting observations. Her series on safari style has got me seriously considering trying it out.
  • Pretty Grievances posts hilarious critiques of designer fashion on Wednesdays and always makes me see things I wouldn’t have spotted on my own.
  • Petit Main Sauvage is the most amazingly talented seamstress. If I ever get round to drafting my own sloper it’ll be because of seeing the beautiful things she drafts for herself.

And finally goals for 2013. When it comes to sewing I am not a good planner. I have a huge but ever-changing sewing queue and I sew what I feel like at the moment I feel like it. But here’s what’s on my list at the moment. Any resemblance to what I actually produce this year is unlikely!

  • Make the sparkly Christopher Kane knock-off dress I was planning before Christmas.
  • Vogue 8825, a very 70s raglan-sleeved dress with amazing bell sleeves. I want to make it in electric blue chiffon. This is a huge gamble because the pattern is for knits!
  • Burda 138-11-2012, a vintage sheath dress with a lovely high collar and interesting front pleats. I have some dark green stretch fabric that ought to be perfect.
  • I want to make something from the Drape Drape books. Not quite sure what yet. I got the English edition of the first one for Christmas.
  • And finally one that isn’t a sewing project: get brave enough to take outfit photos somewhere more interesting. Right now most of the photos we take are in front of the brick wall of the garages on my street. It’s a nice backdrop (and amuses my neighbours) but some variety would be nice.

Having said all that, right now I’m hard at work on my sister’s birthday dress. I forgot how difficult it is to match checks so it might be a while!

12 thoughts on “2012 inspirations and 2013 goals

  1. Happy new year, Catherine!

    Your list of goals looks interesting, so I hope you do get around to some of them! That Burda sheath dress is on my list, too. Love the ruched front bodice seam in contrast with the general “sheathiness” of the dress!

    Great list of blogs, too. I’ll be sure to check out the ones I haven’t come across before.

    I have been sewing a lot but need to get my blogging mojo back, so that is my main sewing-related goal. Now, I must go and insert a zip into my latest dress…

  2. I’m sure whatever you make in 2013 will be absolutely wonderful Catherine, all your makes are so inspiring to me and I look forward to seeing the next!
    Kazz is one of my favourites bloggers too, in fact all the blogs mentioned in your list of favourites are all pretty awesome creatives!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you for the fun blog list! The goals are great and I love your posts. I’m going for that Vogue pattern in a knit as a cool top over jeans.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you for the Kazz mention. Somehow I had never discovered her blog before, and she is amazing.

    Your blog is gorgeous and inspiring as well, and I’m looking forward to your beautiful 2013 creations.

  5. Oh I hear ya on the photos front… except yours are awesome! Mine have a LOT more work to do ^_^

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year; I’m pretty new to your blog but you’re already one of my favourite inspirations! πŸ™‚

  6. I feel very honoured to have been one of your inspirations last year, I’ll do my best to unearth some more unloved BurdaStyle patterns this year! Hope you achieve all your goals (though I like your brick wall backgrounds!) as they all sound really exciting.

  7. Try going out in the woods somewhere or some nice country lanes. Or near some of the nice architecture in Cambridge. If anyone says anything say you are an upcoming fashion designer who knows Vivienne westwood.

  8. I love that Vogue and it will be amazing in chiffon. I love to see what you plan and make as you have a very good eye.

    Oh and there’s nothing boring about the backdrops for your pics. You don’t need to change a thing really πŸ™‚

  9. Aw wow thanks for the shout-out lovely. I’m so late to comment here (story of my life) Happy Happy New Year Catherine, looking forward to seeing what you sew this year.

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