On changing my mind

The coat project rumbles on. But something far more exciting happened that I want to tell you about first: I was interviewed by Joanne of Stitch and Witter! She’s been doing a series of interviews with sewing bloggers about their personal style. I’ve been realy enjoying reading it, and I’m so flattered to be picked. I love reading about how other people dress themselves – or maybe I should say I’m incurably nosy. My interview’s at http://stitchandwitter.com/2012/11/22/my-handmade-style-catherine-daze/. You can read Joanne’s whole series here.

So on to the coat. I had a major change of mind about it; specifically the fabric I’m using.

Here’s the technical drawing. The original was made up in plain white wool which looked fantastic. I liked the very stark, plain effect with just the seamlines for interest so I knew I’d want to use a solid-coloured smooth-faced fabric. Sticking with white would clearly have been insane because it doesn’t suit me and it would need dry-cleaning every five minutes. Besides, I have never seen pure white wool coating on sale anywhere.

Burda 104-12-2011 technical drawing

The green fabric came in a pack of samples from Stone Fabrics and I fell in love with the colour. Here it is with the pink lining I got to go with it.

Coat fabric with lining

But I’ve been having major doubts about this project and I think I’ve finally worked out why. I think all I am going to see on the finished coat is the green. The style isn’t bold enough to stand up to the fabric. I think the fabric would work as something short and dramatic like Colette Patterns’ Lady Grey though. That’s a pattern that’s been lurking on my to-sew list for some time.

So I’m making the Burda coat up in this fabric instead. It’s a stone coloured woven wool coating with a very slight nap. From the right side you can’t see the weave at all. I included my hand and the paper pattern in the picture to give a better idea of the colour.

Stone coloured wool coating

Once I decided to switch fabric and use the green for Lady Grey I started feeling a whole lot better about the original project. So I am going to end up sewing two coats this winter after all!

17 thoughts on “On changing my mind

  1. I think the Lady Grey will look STUNNING in your green fabric! Nothing wrong with changing your mind especially if you are going to end up with two great makes. Unfortunately I keep changing my mind so much that I end up not making anything.

  2. Two rockin’ coats are on tap at your house!!! I am especially loving the green/pink color combo.
    Thank you for your kind words about my jeans!!

  3. Fabulous colour fabric. Occupying yourself with two coats is probably a good use of winter sewing time. Wearing the same coat day in day out can be kind of depressing when the weather is bleak.

  4. Ha! There I was, minding my own business, reading your interview, when suddenly my name pops up! Thanks!! Thanks for the compliment. And I loved reading your interview. It was very interesting.

    Have I told you about my new golden C3PO trousers I bought the other day? Must blog them soon, hehe!

    I think you are right about your coat. I usually like bright colours for garments, especially outer wear, but I think your coat will look sharp and understated in the stone. Great decision!

    I am having some serious indecision over the colour of my coat, too. I have been bothering my other half with it all weekend. I should blog it really but I am painting the house right now (or should be).

  5. Hi Catherine! I followed your blog because of Joanne’s post – I really related to your style, and I absolutely ADORE this coat you’re working on… the design lines are incredible πŸ™‚ Great choice switching to the neutral to show that off… I think the Lady Grey will look fantastic in the vibrant colours as well ^___^

  6. I just read your interview on Stitch and Witter and was very glad to discover your blog! Your style is wonderful. That being said, your face seemed familiar and I now realise it’s from seeing your work on Burda style. πŸ™‚ I look forward to following your progress!
    Adrienne (from allstyleandallsubstance.com)

  7. Isn’t it interesting how it takes a while to figure out why you feel one way or another about a project? Oftentimes I get stuck and have no idea why so I salute your realisation. And choice of fabric too BTW.

  8. You’ve inadvertently picked two colours that I love seeing together… I have a huge ‘thing’ for that delicious mustard colour… and the texture of your fabric choice looks just as good. I agree with you though… I would be hesitant to use such a colour on a substantial garment like this… it really is more suited to a blazer.
    In my world you can never have/sew enough coats… πŸ™‚

  9. Curious – how tall are you? I ask because looking at you is like looking at my twin! I’m tall, not quite as skinny as I used to be … ahem…. but I look at what you like and think “hey, that might work on me also!” probably because we have the same build.

      1. As another 5’10” ‘er with a long torso – I second that motion πŸ™‚

        Great idea re: the two coats! I love both of your pattern and coat choices.

        I look forward to seeing the two as they progress!

        Best wishes!

      2. Yep – I thought so!! I am 5′ 9.5″ or so, and am very long-waisted also. I had to look long and hard to find a dress form that could stretch to a long-enough torso. No wonder looking at you is liking looking in a mirror! LOL! Hubby and I are the same height (maybe I’m a hair taller, depends on the day). But… after he drives a car I can’t reach the pedals! I drive and he can’t get in the seat because I pull the seat so far up to be able to reach them. All because we are proportioned so differently.

  10. These sound like great plans. Your coat toile is looking really good by the way. I’ve just emerged shakily from coat construction, so you want to make two? Bon courage! I bought some coat weight natural white wool from Whaleys once, they usually keep a range of fabrics for dying and printing..

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