Birmingham blogger meetup

Saturday was such a great day. Marie and Kat organised a sewing blogger meetup in Birmingham. Check out Marie’s blog post for pictures. We shopped, ate noodles, swapped a ton pf patterns and fabric, and then shopped some more. But absolutely the best bit was talking to like-minded sewists all day about fabric, sewing, and patterns.

So what did we buy? Quite a few of us bought some of this sparkly heavyweight knit from the Rag Market. When I saw Kat’s I had to get some of my own. I’m seeing this as a cowl-necked, long-sleeved knit dress worn with a big belt.

Sparkly heavy knit

This one came from the Rag Market too. It’s a really bright blue with a hint of purple. My camera insists on rendering it as a sort of sky blue. I tried reading the camera manual, but no amount of fiddling with white balance and lighting was effective so what you see here is courtesy of the GIMP. The fabric itself is a lightweight, silky texture and very narrow.

Strange blue fabric

I think it would work well as something like one of these two patterns. The 80s one is one of the ones I got from Katie in the swap! And coincidentally it has a layout and yardage for 90cm fabric. Were fabrics narrower in the 80s or something?

Possible patterns for strange blue fabric

I got bright pink lining for my chartreuse coat. Claire and Alice spotted it in the Fancy Silk Store. Here are the two fabrics together. Yummy.

Coat fabric with lining

I also found the fabric for my sister’s birthday dress which was lucky because her specifications were somewhat exacting. I’m not posting a picture of it just yet because she ought to see it first, but suffice to say I’m certainly looking forward to sewing with it. (And if she doesn’t like it after all I have an alternative plan for it…is that bad?)

Thanks again Marie and Kat and everyone else who came along!

11 thoughts on “Birmingham blogger meetup

  1. It was so lovely to meet you Catherine, and your fabrics….what gems. I particularly love your bright pink lining, now that would make me buy chartreuse just for the genius colour combo!!

  2. Oooh, you got some lovely stuff Catherine and I’m so pleased you had fun! Kat and I had a blast and it was so good to catch up with you again!

  3. Oh yea, I was going to say now might be a good time to try Aperture. Or LightRoom if you’re feeling cash flush (/ know a current student) XD Also, saw pics here and there of that meetup-looks like you guys had fun. We’re having one here in Melbourne soon, should check the date…

  4. I didnt see that sparkly knit! It is fabulous. And i can definitely see you in the modern Vogue pattern.

    Lovely to see you again.

  5. That coat is going to be gorgeous on you, the pink and green are fabulous and just right for your coloring. The Birmingham meet sounds so fun. My kid is soloing at Cambridge Univ, West Rd Music Hall Nov 23, in the evening, in case you’re around there…I will be!
    p.s. yes, most patterns in the 70’s and 80’s had layouts for 90 cm fabric, (all silks and many fine fabrics were done on those looms.) Gradually the layouts moved from the envelope backside to some space on the instruction sheet. I find it infuriating that Burda assumes we’re always using such wide fabrics, as those fabrics tend to be the synthetics and not the quality stuff.

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