Another shirt dress

After I made my Death Star shirt dress I found I couldn’t stop at one. They’re so practical for work. This time I used a vintage pattern, Simplicity 6270. I made the view in stripes on the envelope: long sleeves, shirt collar, and worn with a leather belt rather than a self-fabric one.

Simplicity 6270 envelope picture

I swear I didn’t plan to make it in the same grey as the left hand picture on the envelope. But I had some grey stretch cotton poplin that was perfect for a shirtdress and I’m trying to reduce the stash a bit. So here it is.

Simplicity 6720 grey shirt dress front view

Unlike the Burda pattern I used for the previous dress this one has proper cuffs! They were quite a faff to make but worth it.

Simplicity 6720 grey shirt dress front view
Binding the slashes in the sleeves was less fiddly than I expected.

Binding on sleeve slashes

I really like the 70s collar but if I was making this again I think I’d make a two piece collar. The one in the pattern has the collar stand as part of the main collar piece and it took a lot of pressing to make it sit right. This photo was taken just after I attached the collar; the buttonholes haven’t been made yet.

Close up of collar

Here’s the back view. I shortened the skirt by a good three inches. Vintage patterns have such low hemlines and they look terrible on me!

You can just about see one of the side seam pockets in this photo. They weren’t in the original pattern, but I’m trying to make the effort to add pockets to patterns where I can. I’m always glad I’ve done it after the event, even though it seems like a lot of extra work at the time.

Simplicity 6720 grey shirt dress back view

So there it is. Next up will be the coat project I hope!

25 thoughts on “Another shirt dress

  1. Wowee! Catherine I think this is super wearable, the fabric choice is perfect for the details and the hang of the skirt. I didn’t even notice that the collar was ‘ vintage’ as my eyes were drawn to the totality of its gorgeousness. Really love it. Are you going to make the bow dress? 😉 that would be my draw …

  2. Another great dress Catherine. I love the styling which makes it look very contemporary. Do you find the cotton warm enough for work? I always worry that I’ll be cold unless I have lots of layers on but perhaps you are hardier than me.

  3. What a great dress! I love the pleats in the skirt. And I hear you about one-piece collars. I, too, prefer collars with a separate stand – they just seem to sit better.

  4. I love this dress! It’s such a great color and I love the way you’ve styled it–casual but still very smart. You look amazing in it too!

  5. Awesome as usual and totally agreeing with you on the length thing.Also those inverted pleats are cool. I’ve been dreaming of shirt dresses for a while now but it’s been too cold. Must get on to it.

  6. I haven;t seen a pleated skirt shirt dress yet, and I really like how the skirt is only pleated at the front, that solves the sitting issues, I always crumple the back of my skirts at work. The shorter length is infinity more flattering and modern.

  7. Love your dress! I’ve been sewing quite a few shirts myself recently, but I’ve been avoiding the bound slashes. I haven’t been able to find a decent tutorial and my own 3-4 tries have looked awful! Do you have any good advice on how to make it look… hmm.. like yours? 😉

    1. Thanks! Afraid I just followed the pattern instructions and rather to my surprise it worked OK. Maybe it’s dependent on fabric. FWIW the pattern said to stitch along the edge of the opening, slash it open, then sew rs of binding to ws of sleeve. Then sew over that again. Press the raw edge of the strip under, wrap it over the
      edge of the slash and stitch it down. I don’t know of that’s the only way to do it but it wasn’t as fiddly as it sounded. Good luck!

  8. Wow, what a great dress! I loved the way you styled it!
    The sleeve binding is perfect…a very standard and simple placket installation. Looks good!

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