The one that nearly got away

A thought occurred to me today. I was wearing one of my three versions of Burda 116-08-2011. I have pretty much decided this pattern is my perfect garment. It has pockets. It works in hot weather on its own or in cold weather with a long-sleeved t-shirt and leggings. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear. Oh and it takes no time to make.
Burda 116-08-2011

But I very nearly didn’t make it at all. When I got the August 2011 Burda this pattern didn’t stand out. Burda made their version up in a drapey pale pink fabric and styled it without a belt. It looked pretty shapeless on the model and the pastel colour didn’t make it any more attractive. (I admit it is in fact pretty shapeless when not belted.) The technical drawing looked a bit more promising than the model photo but not enough to get it on the sewing list.

And then Allison made a version of it that I loved. She put a belt on hers. And around the same time Melissa mentioned she got some great stretch fabrics from Tissu Fabrics. They were new to me and I needed some double-knit so I checked them out. As well as the double-knit they had a stretch cotton poplin that cost next to nothing, so I bought a bit to try the Burda pattern out. And then went back for other colours to make more. And then went to the local craft market to get another belt made to go with the dresses.

I’m now wearing this pattern about twice a week. I’ll probably make more versions when I find suitable fabric in different colours to the ones I have already. It’s amazing to think I might never have made it at all if I hadn’t come across those blog posts. Thanks, Allison and Melissa!

12 thoughts on “The one that nearly got away

  1. Oooh, very nice! It’s fabtastic that you’ve found such a go-to pattern…I’ve yet to find mine ;o) See you Saturday!!!

  2. This is awesome! I never would have picked this as a winner, to be quite honest. The belt really adds structure to this and it looks fab!

  3. That is my favourite thing about the blogging community – seeing patterns that you didn’t “see” before due to bad styling or poor fabric choice – I always see another blogger’s version and wonder how I missed that pattern in the first place – some people are better at seeing the potential than me.

  4. Thank you, I am glad I am inspiring somebody because I’m sure not doing a good job inspiring myself at the moment. I hadn’t thought of styling mine up for winter so I must try that. This is one of the great things about sewing blogs, you get to see patterns in a whole new light sometimes.

  5. Ooh…SNAP! I just whipped up two versions of this ‘hidden gem’. Totally agree with your comments. It’s so easy to make and wear! Really like your red version. Stay tuned for a post on a polka dot and a bold floral version.

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