OMG new Vogues

My pattern stash is larger than my fabric stash. I have piles of patterns I haven’t made yet. There are only so many hours for sewing in the week, so the last thing I need is even more patterns. Therefore I promised myself I’d approach the winter Vogue patterns with common sense and restraint.

Yeah right.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to six or seven.

One thing that struck me about this collection was how wearable a lot of it is. I expect the winter release to be full of beautiful party dresses. I don’t have the lifestyle for that kind of garment. But this is full of things I could see myself wearing to work with tights and boots. Take V1328 for example. It’s glamorous but not over the top. Although I think that beautiful purple fabric they used for the sample may be part of the attraction.

Vogue 1328 envelope photo

V8866 is a wardrobe pattern with a great little knit dress included. The photo isn’t very appealing but the line art shows lovely colour blocking possibilities. More long sleeves. And I like the centre front seam; it’s a bit different. Could see myself wearing the top and skirt combo as well. The jacket and trousers, not so me.

Vogue 8866 line art

V8848 is another interesting work dress. More colour blocking potential here; look at all those seamlines. The back view is even better than the front which makes a refreshing change.

Vogue 8848 envelope photo

I’m not normally a huge Kay Unger fan but V1329 is definitely coming to live with me. I think it’s the combination of the asymmetric panel and the graphic contrast.

Vogue 1329 envelope art

But it wouldn’t be Vogue without a bit of fantasy. Here’s V8846. I really like the back view. It reminds me of Lauriana’s Watteau pleat dress, or those Vivienne Westwood sacque back dresses. Unfortunately this pattern’s another one where the photo is a bit disappointing when compared to the line art. The sample is made in a large scale digital print which doubles in an unfortunate way on the back of the dress.

Vogue 8846 line art
Vogue 8846 back view

And finally we have two things I doubt I’ll ever make but am strangely drawn to nonetheless. Both jackets.

V1332 looks cool and futuristic to me. With just a hint of ninja turtle.

Vogue 1332 line art

And V1335 is surely what every well-dressed astronaut will be wearing this winter.

Vogue 1335 envelope art

It’s not all great, of course. 8853 might be saved by a different fabric, but this version is not appealing.

Vogue 8853 envelope photo

And I’m normally a great believer in looking past the photo and making a decision based on the line art, but V8855‘s photo cannot be ignored. What is up with those pockets? Take them off and it would be a cute blouse if you’re the sort of person who can get away with bows and sweetness (ie not me).

Vogue 8855 envelope photo

But on balance I think this is the best Vogue collection for a long while. My overstuffed pattern box is groaning at the thought.

What did you think?

23 thoughts on “OMG new Vogues

  1. Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the preview of the new collection in my Sew Direct magazine. I can see myself wearing alot of them. I especially love the Kay Unger pieces.

  2. Gasp don’t do it! Although that first one, looks like a recent burda.. Sept? Oct? They had a very similar grey dress i.e. you could prob. just get the pdf pattern off their website.. sigh, although I can’t speak..I really cant.. XP

  3. Oh yes, aren’t the new vogues TDF? Well, most of them. I said I wasn’t going to buy any more, but…well…I want all those new dress patterns!

  4. I agree with your take on these patterns. V1335 looks like a misshapen fencing jacket and 8853 looks like a remnant from a nun’s closet.
    Really love V8846, it gives a great canvas for an artsy fabric!

  5. I never got past the awful peplum on the jacket of V8866 to see the wonderful dress, skirt & top included in the pattern…so thanks for sharing that! I like both dress patterns (8848 & 1329) you included…but I’m in no danger of pattern overload…fabric is my “drug” of choice! *LOL*

  6. At first I thought “meh, nothing new but square boobs” but on second look I think there’s a lot to like, too. Thanks for pointing out the dress in V8866 – I totally missed it on first glance. I also like theV8849 peplum dress (there’s some nice options although I generally don’t go for sweetheart necklines) and V8854 hoodie tunic.

    It seems like peplums, color blocking and high-low hems are all going strong as trends.

    V1135 – Ice world Hoth rebel uniform!

  7. interesting wrapup and I can definitely see you in that purple dress. Strangely I did not find a single pattern I was interested in, which perhaps is good as I have plenty of Vogues yet to sew.

  8. Nooo… don’t make me look at patterns!!! That top one is so you! Do it… do it!! Trying to get my head around Ninja Turtle coat. Looks like a contender for the Redbull Flugtag!!

  9. I absolutely love the first dress, it’s sitting in my shopping cart waiting for a BMV sale as I type. V8866 is a great wardrobe pattern I agree, the coat is very me – I think it would create a bit of shape which I can always do with.
    I’m also sold on V8861 (minus the furry creature on the model’s head of course).
    I agree about the back pritn repeat on 8846 – I love the front but the back sprouts leave a lot to be desired!
    And I like 8854 for a casual hoodie… the cart is full and awaiting a sale!

    1. Oh and someone pointed out to be on my blog that the first dress does look like a burda one – but the Burda doesn’t have the waist details which I think is the fabulous feature on that dress, combined with the cowl neck.

  10. Haha, boob squares ๐Ÿ˜€

    I agree this is one of their better releases recently – I just wish they’d give us a model who can stand up straight and not do weird arm poses for a change – I have to look at the line drawings for all the details.

    Waiting for a club sale now…

  11. You’d look killer in that purple number Catherine, I like the Ninja Turtle, I think with the right fabric and styling it would look pretty interesting. Love the front view, and I’m liking V8846- that back detail!!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve put them on my wish list.

  12. I have my Vogue pattern selections sitting in the shopping cart on the website, waiting for the next sale. The purple dress V1328 is one of them. It does look just like the popular October Burda cowl necked dress, #118A. Several bloggers are having problems with the Burda dress and the bias cut skirt front. The Vogue pattern solves that issue by haveing a waist seam and the skirt front cut on the striaght of grain.

  13. There are only so many hours for sewing in the week, so the last thing I need is even more patterns.

    I have the same thoughts when I buy the next pattern magazine for my pattern stash%))

  14. There’s lots to like – and with this collection it certainly is easier to see the lines now there’s less print fabric involved! I’m trying to hold off on buying any more patterns for a little while; luckily the Vogue collections are out of synch with the seasons down under but I don’t have a good track record…

  15. I haven’t read much of peoples opinions on the new collection (I’m so far behind in my blog post reading right now it ain’t funny) so this may be repeating the already mentioned – but that gorgeous Vogue 1328 looks to me like a sleeve-more version of the sleeve-less cowl neck dress Vogue released a while back which became one of pattern review’s ‘best of’ for that year? Gosh I’m great at getting facts, aren’t I? Either way, It’s a total winner of a dress pattern. So much of the other stuff is wearable too – nice work Vogue!

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