Death Star take two: Burda shirt dress

Now witness the firepower of this armed and fully operational shirt dress. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the quote because this is the second dress I have made out of Death Star fabric.
Burda 106-04-2011

Why is it Death Star fabric? Here it is close up. The design is meant to be glitter balls, but it looks like the Death Star to me. It’s a Liberty Tana lawn from the Liberty Rocks collection they did in 2011. I bought it to recreate a much-loved wrap dress, got the amount wrong, and ended up with a largish piece left over.

I came across the leftovers again while tearing the sewing room apart looking for a pattern I’d lost and got the idea to make a shirt dress out of them. There was just enough fabric for Burda 108-04-2011, which uses remarkably little yardage for a long-sleeved dress. Sadly the pattern is not available for download. However it’s a variant of this one, which doesn’t include the long sleeves but is otherwise the same base pattern with some added details.

One thing I very much like about this style is the centre back seam. It’s hard to spot the seamline on this fabric, but it gives the dress a nice bit of shape at the waist which I think is visible. There’s no waist seam.

Burda 106-04-2011

Anyway, as I was banging on about how misleading photos can be last week, I’d better say something about the wearability of this dress. It’s really very comfortable. The sleeves are the perfect length for me; I like them a bit on the long side. I can fit a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath for extra warmth (and I am doing so in the pictures; there’s some realism!) although the sleeves are definitely on the slim side. The skirt’s a very good length: not over-long but not so short I have to worry about sitting down. And the print nicely hides all the creases on the skirt from where I have sat down. I haven’t worn it to work yet, nor have I figured out what work-appropriate shoes might go with it. But so far so good.

22 thoughts on “Death Star take two: Burda shirt dress

  1. I’m sometimes wary about the potential of shirtmakers to be frumpy – certainly not this one. Love the mix of classic design and edgy fabric.

  2. What a great combination of pattern and fabric! You’ve got a great eye for what works. I’m totally in love with Liberty anything. I wore a Liberty shirt this past week when it was a little on the chilly side, and was surprised at how warm I was with only the tana lawn. Food for future sewing project thought.

  3. Like they all said, this is a great dress.
    I’ve just sewn its other sister ( the gathered waist boxy one 04-2011-107) for my daughter.
    Burda did well out of that pattern, its the basis for three dresses and a shirt in that issue!

  4. That fabric is amazing. I love how you have to get close before you say ‘Whoa!’! Fabulous dressmaking as always. Shirtdresses are great!

  5. I used to love shirtdresses many years ago. Why haven’t I made any since I came back to sewing? (Another project to add to the list)

  6. Catherine Daze, that is a fantastic shirtdress. I love the simplicity of the style…makes it easy to work with some fabulous fabrics!

  7. Deat star win! I am absolutely loving this fabric. And who can say no to a shirt dress you can put a top underneath? No-one. That’s who! Epic and practical!

  8. I love the combination of death star fabric with a shirtdress, thanks for the reminder of the pattern, it’s a great dress to have in the wardrobe.

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