Batch processing

Thanks so much for all the really positive feedback about my colour-blocked dress. It’s definitely growing on me but I think the solid versions of that pattern are still my favourites. I have my planned stripey version cut out now, so it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out by comparison.

I don’t know about you, but while I can sew by artifical light I really need daylight for cutting out fabric. And the nights in the UK are really drawing in so the only chance I get to cut out is at the weekend now. And as making enough room to cut out fabric involves rearranging the entire living room, I thought I’d try cutting out more than one thing for a change.

Four cut dresses

That’s four dresses, all of which I’ve made before. Burda 116-08-2011 in red and again in navy, a stripey Vogue 1250, and the stripey version of the colour-blocked dress, which is Burda 117-02-2012. I normally only cut one garment at a time because my cut fabric pieces either crease horribly or go missing as soon as I turn my back on them. All of these projects are quick enough that the pieces won’t be hanging around for long enough for anything bad to happen; that’s the plan anyway.

6 thoughts on “Batch processing

  1. I’m glad you cut out the striped fabric for the Burda dress. I am dying to see that one completed! I bet it is going to be fabulous and I think I just may have to make myself a striped version of that dress.

    I like to cut out a couple at a time too because I also find it difficult to cut when I do not have good lighting. I have two dresses cut out right now waiting in the sewing line up.

  2. Love the red stripes! If I can get organised, cutting out multiple patterns is a great motivator…I have a range of things to get stuck into. I put the cut pieces into a zip loc bag or plastic folder, with the relevant pattern instructions (or Burdastyle magazine). Stops those errant pieces from disappearing!

  3. Omigosh, I am completey in love with your colourblocked dress… utterly awesome!! I think this might be my favourite of yours so far, and that is saying a lot since I love all of your creations!
    Cannot wait to see the striped creation 🙂

  4. CANNOT WAIT to see that stripey version! I totally know what you mean about day light. I’m still trying to make my wedding dress with a week and a half left and the earlier evenings are pissing me off!


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