Flying the flag?

Thanks for all the feedback on coating choices! I think it’s going to have to be the chartreuse boiled wool, although Alice and Mary Nanna have got me wondering if I can get away with pink after all. This is one of the great things about sewing. It seems so much less risky to make an experimental garment than it does to buy one, or is that just me?

And on that subject, here is a somewhat experimental garment. It’s Burda 117-02-2-2012. I’ve made it twice before in single colours, but this is my first foray into colour-blocking. Back view first, which is definitely the best side of this dress.

Burda 117-02-2012

I’m not enthused about the front view but I can’t put my finger on why. I probably should have swapped the jade and white over, but the white fabric’s a little bit see-through so I didn’t want it sitting right over my bra cups. My husband’s first reaction to the dress was ‘You’re wearing a flag’ and I can see what he means. I’m not sure which country has jade, black, white, and grey though.

Burda 117-02-2012

Having said that I wore it to work this week and it grew on me a bit. I’m certainly not done with the pattern; I just cut out the striped version I’ve been planning for a while!

22 thoughts on “Flying the flag?

  1. So glad you cut out the striped version because I have been waiting to see that one! Maybe the white just stands out to much to you. That is probably why it is growing on you as opposed to you liking it right away. I like it, especially the back. You look great in the dress. Love your red version too. I have this dress on my list, but have not decided what color combination though. Waiting to see your stripes because I would love to try the stripes.

  2. I love your colour combination! Perhaps you like the back better than the front because the black piece is smaller? Every version you’ve made of this dress is fantastic – it’s just such an interesting pattern and it’s definitely one that looks great on you. Can’t wait to see your striped version!

  3. I think this looks fabulous. If it was me I wouldn’t have put grey where the white is. While I think the white brightens the dress up, I have this thing about ‘three’, I think grey at the shoulder instead of white would have anchored the look, more somber but balanced. Although I think it would work better at the front, I don’t think so at the back – helpful..
    LOL the above paragraph makes me sound like a space cadet – and it’s just a personal opinion. Plus I think your personal style is unique, v.stylish and I think I’ve loved everything you have made – so I’ll shut up.
    Just one more weird comment, some patch workers use a little tool that blurs all the seam lines etc when you look at a quilt – sounds weird but it really helps with colour and layout. Me? I just take off my glasses!

  4. I’m so like missing the flag comment! Cause the dress is beautiful and fits you like a dream. Can’t wait to see then stripe version.

  5. This dress was made for you, you look fantastic. I think you are only less keen on the front because the back is unbelievably super awesome while the front is just super awesome!

  6. Augh I love that teal on you. It’s such a great colour and it’s going really well with your hair. If you’re worried about the white, might I suggest fabric paint? =D

  7. I’m with Carolyn – not seeing the flag. This dress looks stunning on you. It’s perfect in every sense – fit, color, on trend. I’m thinking if this was a RtoW garment, it would sell quickly, without any deliberations on the part of the buyer. I read a number of sewing blogs and because I don’t sew, I judge the look, construction, fit, etc in terms of RtoW. I think if more sewers did this, their sense of pride would increase dramatically – just like it should.

  8. I see absolutely nothing wrong with those colour blocks. Immensely impressive! I like the front as much as the back but perhaps you are dissuaded by the non symmetry? Kind of looks like an off the shoulder number from the front if you squint! But nothing like a flag! 🙂

  9. I’m not seeing the flag either! 🙂 I I think it looks fabulous, I’ve loved all your versions of this dress. I have a pattern in mind for my birthday dress that I want to start next weekend but this pattern is in serious contention too!

  10. This is the BEST ONE SO FAR! Why doesn’t mine look like that? Why? why? Why? I curse the sewing gods that gave me life. Yours looks totally cool. And not like a flag. Nothing wrong at all. Change the husband, not the dress.

  11. I don’t agree with your husby. I think you look great in this dress and it is beautifully made. I wonder if you had moved the black to the skirt area of the dress it would have given it a more balanced look? Keep sewing, you do some great clothes.

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