Autumn sewing

Summer’s definitely over in my part of the UK. The schools have gone back for the autumn term, the nights are drawing in rapidly, and I even needed to get my winter coat out one evening last week. I’m sorry the summer’s gone, but on the other hand I really prefer the autumn and winter seasons for all things fashion and sewing-related.

Look at these gorgeous coating fabric samples that came from Stone Fabrics last week. I wasn’t planning to make a coat, but now I’m wondering if I can carry off that chartreuse colour. I’d love to use the bubblegum pink, but I just dyed my hair bright red again.

Coating samples

I have several great coat patterns in my stash. Could I possibly find time to make two coats?

12 thoughts on “Autumn sewing

  1. Those are so pretty! I just bought Vogue 1129 which would be gorgeous in almost any of those samples. You are inspiring me, although it is a little warm here to be thinking about coats. 85 and very humid here in New York today.

  2. I’m awfully glad you have to make this decision, because I really don’t think I could. Although I do love the blue second from the left just a teeny bit more than the others. But its definitely a photo finish!

  3. I think the chartreuse would look fabulous on you, but I also think you could carry off the pink with the bright red hair, if you wanted. I used to have pillarbox red hair, and then a bright orangey “nuclear” red, and I used to love wearing colours I “shouldn’t”. But it comes down to whether you personally think it looks good, or if the clash is sicky!

    I love the orange (I do want an orange coat myself) but I also like the paler green to the left of the chartreuse. It looks subdued and minty on my monitor but I’m thinking it might be a bit more “sage” in the flesh..?

  4. Seeing all those swatches together makes me want a rainbow striped coat! I definitely think you can carry off the chartreuse and make 2 coats, maybe a shorter jacket type one? If you choose simple patterns without notched collars etc coats needn’t be hard to make, let these amazing fabrics do the talking!

  5. Beautiful colors! Not knowing you in person, I can’t say which would flatter your skin tone. I’ll enjoy seeing what you decide upon!

  6. Maybe you could make a coat and a jacket? Oh gosh, my eye skipped the coatings, but now you’ve lined them up like that… Stop it, stop it! I really can’t make another coat or jacket. I love the orange too. I had to google ‘chartreuse’! Are you talking the 5th in from the left? Whatever you make, it will be superb, because you are.

  7. I see nothing there but chartreuse (i.e. the choice is clear XD). However, if your hair is bright red the royal blue to the left might really set it off (I’ve started on a royal blue+ white coat but summer’s here well summer disguised as spring XS so I might put it away till next year XP). Although I’ve no idea what either your hair or the coating looks like (monitor variations etc) so perhaps I should pipe down XD

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