Vogue 1250: Better late than never

Almost every sewing blogger in the world has already made Vogue 1250. Some have made it as many as five times. It has two great properties: it’s easy and it looks good! I have read through all 91 reviews of it on Pattern Review so I reckon I know what I’m talking about there. I’ve owned the pattern since it first came out and more than once gone shopping for fabric for it. But I never found the right fabric and so it languished in the to-sew pile.

Vogue 1250 pattern photo
But recently I had a metre and a half of a stunning printed jersey left over from another dress. Just the right fabric in the right length, but not enough to be able to afford any mistakes at all. I consulted the internets to find out what adjustments people have found it useful to make – did I mention there are 91 reviews of it out there?

Special thanks to The Sewing Lawyer and Roses Are Red for useful tips on lengthening the cowl and doing an easy FBA. Both definitely required in my case.

However when I first tried the dress on, I wasn’t keen on it. Something about the skirt. It hung completely straight from the hips and hit me just above the knee, which wasn’t very flattering on me – my hips are my widest point by a very long way. I pegged the skirt by taking the CB seam in a couple of inches at the hem and tapering back to the original seamline about half way to the waist seam. I also shortened the dress by two inches at the hem.

Here’s the final result.

Vogue 1250

Back view below. The back isn’t really wrinkly, it’s just where I’ve put my hand on my waist and pulled the fabric.

Vogue 1250

So will I make it this again? Definitely, when the right fabric comes along. It’s comfortable and stylish. And I’m really glad I traced the pattern so I’ve still got the original without my usual extra length added – this could be at least one Christmas present sorted out.

14 thoughts on “Vogue 1250: Better late than never

  1. As usual, you have made something beautiful and stylish, and it looks great on you! Love it.

    I made this a few months ago and it was somehow huge on me and I should alter it. Maybe I will now!

  2. Looks great, and you almost blend right in with the leaves (which is a little crazy because your print is so hypnotic), the fabric is great!

  3. I love this fabric and the background you used to photograph your dress in…it just enhances the dress’ loveliness. As someone who’s made this dress 9x, I understand it’s pull and hope you find another piece of fabric you love to make another.

  4. Gorgeous!! I love the fabric and that awesome print, and this simple dress with just a chic cowl drape is perfect for it. I love your style 🙂

  5. I never get tired of seeing this dress made up, it always looks great! Glad you were able to get another dress out of your amazing fabric.

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