Instant gratification


This is Burda 116-08-2011, inspired by Allison’s version. I think this might be the single fastest dress I ever made. I started tracing the pattern on Saturday morning. Then I cut the fabric out. Then I thought I might as well thread the overlocker and the sewing machine, and then once those were threaded I figured I might as well sew a seam or two. By the end of the afternoon I only had the hem and finishing the armholes left to do, and those happened on the Sunday morning.

Burda 116-08-2011

It’s come out very 1980s. My fabric is a stretch poplin which isn’t nearly as drapey as the one Burda used. However I like the blousing on the top half. So it is possible to get away with a slightly less drapey fabric. It is definitely sized for a stretch fabric though as there’s not a large amount of ease on the hips. I think I’d go up a size on the bottom half if I was making this again.

Burda 116-08-2011

I think this is a great hot-weather dress. It’s cool and comfortable without being too casual. I particularly appreciate the high collar because the back of my neck burns really easily in the sun. And it has pockets, which more dresses should have.

On that subject, I didn’t make the pockets in the way Burda prescribed. The original design has one-piece pocket bags which are top-stitched to the dress front. You finish the front edge of the pocket by turning under an extra-wide seam allowance on the dress front side seams. I forgot to add the extra allowance when I was cutting, so I cut an extra set of pocket pieces and made regular side-seam pockets. I think I prefer my version anyway as I wasn’t keen on the idea of the top-stitching in the first place.

You know, I could see this in bias-cut stripes…I might have to make another.

14 Responses to “Instant gratification”

  1. Wow! I love this. Using a slightly less drapey fabric really allows the cowl neck to stand out.

    I’ve got a piece of linen in the queue with this pattern’s name on it. Thank you so much for writing the review.

  2. Just fabulous, on all levels! And, as always you have picked a style that looks amazing on you. Love a quickie!

  3. It’s so you! I don’t know how you get away with this minimalist stuff, but it looks so chic, especially with the shoes. I’ve been toying with this pattern but Burda’s dead shrimp version didn’t turn me on. Your neckline has a kerchief pizzazz.

  4. I love it! It is making me consider using a very lightweight denim I have been wanting to make up…

  5. What a cool dress, and how fabulous it looks on you! Very nice for a day’s work!

  6. Great looking dress. I suspect it would look totally different in a drapier fabric. There is something so edgy in the way the collar and cowl falls in a stiffer fabric you used.

  7. Very edgy styling. I love the simplicity of this dress.

  8. You look amazing!!! Would definately love to see this in stripes xx

  9. I love it! Looking forward too seeing your next version. I am also planning to make a similar dress, but mine is from Vogue.

  10. Oh, yeah! Please! This dress is amazing, so you should sew another striped version. Your addiction pockets, very smart!

  11. You look great in this, I have been wearing mine a lot more than I expected to – stripes is an interesting idea, or a print, or just another one!

  12. You have put your touch on this and made a wonderfully unique dress!

  13. Perfect! That is an amazing dress!

  14. I love all your stuff! seriously, am envious of the stuff you make and how good it looks on you!

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