The sewist’s decision making process – a lament

I’m making Burda 120-12-2012 in a glorious turquoise knit fabric.

But it’s slightly transparent so I need to draft a lining. This is breaking my brain. I need a distraction. A really simple project.

I have a copy of Vogue 1250 somewhere. I am the only sewing blogger in the world who has not yet made Vogue 1250. Also I have the perfect fabric in stash: the remains of the eye-popping jersey I used for the psychedelic dress.

Vogue 1250 and fabric

Not sure how much fabric it needs. Go to the primary to-sew queue (the pile of patterns wedged into the bookcase) to get the yardage. Start leafing through the queue. Forgot I had that nice 70s maxi pattern, Simplicity 6344. That would look good in black linen with a white collar. But Vogue 1250 is absent.

Turn out box which contains secondary to-sew queue of patterns and favourite pieces of fabric. Damn, Vogue 1287 is also a perfect work dress. But I don’t have any suitable fabric for it. Resist urge to look for fabric online. No Vogue 1250.

Turn out box which contains old patterns and tertiary to-sew queue. Curse self for not filing patterns in any sort of order. No Vogue 1250.

Turn out box containing fabric stash. Maybe it’s gone in there by mistake. Hey, some Liberty Tana lawn left over from the Death Star dress. Quite a bit of it. Enough for a shirt dress? Unfold to measure. Can’t find measuring tape. Sewing room floor now entirely invisible under patterns and fabric (it’s a very small room). Also, have no shirt dress patterns. Resist urge to look for shirtdress patterns online. No Vogue 1250.

Go through to-sew queue again, just in case. Nope. Sort fabric into leftovers and large pieces. Find red swirl print cotton lurking at the bottom of the fabric box. Must find a use for that, but there’s only enough for a sleeveless sundress. Pity we don’t seem to be having a summer this year.

Resist urge to go online and buy second copy of Vogue 1250.

Clear up sewing room. Carefully file primary, secondary, and tertiary to-sew queues.

Look down back of bookcase. You know where this is heading, don’t you.

Go to bed feeling pleased.

Next morning, see Burda 116-08-2011 on Allison’s blog. Like Vogue 1250 but with pockets!

Put Burda 116-08-2011 at head of sewing queue.

14 thoughts on “The sewist’s decision making process – a lament

  1. Okay who seriously hasn’t done the dance that you just did…only to end up making something else! But I think V1250 will be amazing in that psychedelic print…it seems to like bold vibrant prints!

  2. Gosh, how I can relate to this. I’m so pleased you made this post. It seems I am in good company.

    Very entertaining! hehe…

  3. Ha ha that sounds like a pretty normal sewing day for me, no wonder it takes so long to get anything done round here. 1250 will be awesome in your psychedelic fabric. BTW you were right that I left off the side seam pockets on my Burda dress just because they tend to stick out on me in a straight skirt as I, um, fill out straight skirts somewhat!

  4. I can vouch for Vogue 1250. It doesn’t use much fabric. I had two metres of 1.46cm wide and it used about 3/4 of it in a larger size. As Alison suggests it will be awesome.

  5. mmmmfwahahahaha nice. Yea.. I shouldn’t laugh I do it too XP Seriously though I am thinking of making a knitwear spanx type thing so I no longer have to line my knits. Just use thick stable knit to make a skin tight scoop necked (so it doesn’t show no matter what I wear on top) slip and wear it under knit wear. I’ve even found the perfect pattern from one of last year’s LMBs but it needs grading down and I’ve just got so much other cool stuff queued that I haven’t gotten around to it. Which is lame ‘cuz it’s putting me off making a whole heap of knit dresses.

  6. You clearly need a larger sewing room! Interesting that Allison has made her dress out of a woven fabric whereas the Vogue pattern calls for a knit. Do you think it would be worth trying Vogue 1250 in a light, drapey woven? I like the extra body it seems to give Allison’s dress.

  7. Ah, yest – the ever evolving “next sewing project”. I’m glad you found the pattern, and I’m looking forward to what you make with it!

  8. You are only the second to last sewing blogger who hasn’t made V. 1250. I haven’t even bought it…or maybe I did. Maybe it’s upstairs…or in the guest bathroom…or out in the vegetable garden…or in my glove compartment. Oh yeah, I used it as a gift wrapping..

    Hilarious post..

  9. I thought I was the only one that hasn’t made Vogue 1250! And you are not going to believe this Catherine …I just cut it out last night as an after thought before I start making sheath dresses!
    Maybe together we will start the second wave of Vogue 1250!

  10. Yep I do that too, or something very very like it. In fact, I’m thinking of putting out traps for the Pattern Gremlin. Its the Sock Gremlin’s lesser known slightly less evil cousin.

  11. Ha ha… I wonder if any sewing blogger sticks religiously to their sewing list? I think that the way ones list ‘evolves’ is as creative as the garments they make. It was fate for sure that you misplaced that pattern . . .and luck that you found the Burda one before you bought another! It is so you! BTW I haven’t made that Vogue dress yet but I remember Miss Dibbs did and it looked fab on her x

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