The sewist’s decision making process – a lament

I’m making Burda 120-12-2012 in a glorious turquoise knit fabric.

But it’s slightly transparent so I need to draft a lining. This is breaking my brain. I need a distraction. A really simple project.

I have a copy of Vogue 1250 somewhere. I am the only sewing blogger in the world who has not yet made Vogue 1250. Also I have the perfect fabric in stash: the remains of the eye-popping jersey I used for the psychedelic dress.

Vogue 1250 and fabric

Not sure how much fabric it needs. Go to the primary to-sew queue (the pile of patterns wedged into the bookcase) to get the yardage. Start leafing through the queue. Forgot I had that nice 70s maxi pattern, Simplicity 6344. That would look good in black linen with a white collar. But Vogue 1250 is absent.

Turn out box which contains secondary to-sew queue of patterns and favourite pieces of fabric. Damn, Vogue 1287 is also a perfect work dress. But I don’t have any suitable fabric for it. Resist urge to look for fabric online. No Vogue 1250.

Turn out box which contains old patterns and tertiary to-sew queue. Curse self for not filing patterns in any sort of order. No Vogue 1250.

Turn out box containing fabric stash. Maybe it’s gone in there by mistake. Hey, some Liberty Tana lawn left over from the Death Star dress. Quite a bit of it. Enough for a shirt dress? Unfold to measure. Can’t find measuring tape. Sewing room floor now entirely invisible under patterns and fabric (it’s a very small room). Also, have no shirt dress patterns. Resist urge to look for shirtdress patterns online. No Vogue 1250.

Go through to-sew queue again, just in case. Nope. Sort fabric into leftovers and large pieces. Find red swirl print cotton lurking at the bottom of the fabric box. Must find a use for that, but there’s only enough for a sleeveless sundress. Pity we don’t seem to be having a summer this year.

Resist urge to go online and buy second copy of Vogue 1250.

Clear up sewing room. Carefully file primary, secondary, and tertiary to-sew queues.

Look down back of bookcase. You know where this is heading, don’t you.

Go to bed feeling pleased.

Next morning, see Burda 116-08-2011 on Allison’s blog. Like Vogue 1250 but with pockets!

Put Burda 116-08-2011 at head of sewing queue.

Little red dress

Wow, thanks for all the lovely comments on my last dress! I’m overwhelmed. I wore it to a wedding last week and even managed to dance in it. Think I’ll take some length off the skirt before I wear it again though. I stepped on it more than once and pulled out a a bit of one of the side seams near the hem so it’s now awaiting repairs.

What I’ve been up to in the meantime is making another version of Burda 117-02-2012, a little knit dress that’s been very popular in the blogosphere and rightly so. I really don’t understand why Burda haven’t made it available for purchase as a download.

The pattern’s designed for colour blocking, and there are some great versions of that out there, but it also works well in one colour. This is a good thing as I’ve yet to come across a suitable knit fabric that’s available in even three complementary colours, never mind the four the original pattern uses. You need something with a bit of body. My first version was in a black wool/lycra mix, and the new one’s a red viscose lightweight doubleknit. Although the viscose is very stretchy it doesn’t cling. I guess the best way to describe it is that it needs a lot of force to make it stretch (high elastic modulus) but you can stretch it a long way without damage (high elastic limit). It was a remnant from Misan Fabrics in London.

Anyway, here is the dress.
Burda 117-02-2012

The original has a zipper down the back but I left it off for this version as I thought it might be a bit much with the red fabric. I haven’t got a photo which brings out all the seamlines on the back, but rest assured there are plenty which are what give the dress its shape.

Burda 117-02-2012

I also left off the pleats on the shoulders this time. There’s supposed to be a small pleat at the end of the shoulder seam to make the end of the sleeve curve down onto the arm. It’s not needed for fit and I think this version looks better without it.

Burda 117-02-2012

The dress is supposed to have an opening along the slanting seam running from the v-neck that you can see in the picture below, but I sewed it shut as I did on my other version. In a reasonably stretchy fabric it’s not needed at all. I also shortened this version before cutting out, unlike the previous one where I ended up lopping off quite a bit of length at the hem at the end. The problem with that was that it messed up the seamlines on the skirt so it’s much better to shorten the pattern pieces in advance.

Burda 117-02-2012
I’d still like to make a colour-block version of this if the right fabrics ever come along. Unless something really exceptional turns up in the autumn I reckon this is my pattern of the year.