Slow burner? Vogue summer 2012 patterns

The sewing blogosphere and its feline helpers have already reviewed the new Vogue patterns, and in the main the reaction has been one of disappointment. And on first glance at the collection I had to agree. It didn’t even strike me as particularly fugly, just uninspiring. There is one honourable exception in 1305. I don’t think I’m very likely to make this, but it’s spectacular nonetheless.

Vogue 1305

After a few days I went back to it and had a closer look. Turns out there are a few things I like after all, they just aren’t the designer or vintage numbers.

Take 8808. The sample appears to have been made up out a pair of curtains, but imagine it in a solid colour. The long version would be both glamorous and comfortable. The knee length version would make a great day dress.

Vogue 8808

And then there’s 8814, another really verstaile, simple style – and heaven, it comes in custom cup sizes so no FBA.

Vogue 8814

I’m still going to wait until the sale though.

10 thoughts on “Slow burner? Vogue summer 2012 patterns

  1. I’m sort of reserving judgement, as usual the styling and posing has camouflaged the bones too much for me- I’ll have to wait for some real versions to see if I feel drawn to most of them.

  2. I really do intend to make up 8808. I saw it in the Sew Today magazine a couple of weeks ago but when I looked for it, the new patterns hadn’t been released yet. There are others I like but I can’t remember the numbers. I like the jumpsuit but I’m not sure I’ll make it. I really do like 1305 but as a fantasy pattern. I could really see you in 1305.

  3. I love 1305, probably not for me but, I think it’s beautiful. There are photos on the designer’s website in the spring ’11. There seems to be the same dress in a knee length as well as the vogue 1304 made up in contrasting skirt/bodice.

  4. That white dress is super stunning, and I can imagine you in it!
    I ordered three patterns; a blocky Issey Miyake top, and two dresses. i cannot wait to have a closer squizz at the pieces…. 🙂

  5. Hi. They are having a Vogue Pattern sale on their american website right now. Just ordered 3 patterns for $4.99 each (the White dress on your first picture is one of them – thinking about making it in a shorter, slightly changed version. 🙂 )

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