I’m never quite sure how often to change the needle on the overlocker. I change the sewing machine needle for most new projects, but I’ve been using the same overlocker needle for a while. The tension on the overlocker was being more than usually temperamental recently so I decided to treat it to a new needle. When I got the old needle out and had a good look at it I realised I should have done that a long time ago! In the picture below the needle from the overlocker is the one on the bottom and the top one is a brand-new universal size 90.

Damaged overlocker needle with new universal needle

No wonder things weren’t quite right. Here’s the universal needle next to a new stretch needle. That’s more like it.

After the change of needle and bit more fiddling with the tension the overlocker is working smoothly again. Phew.

6 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. Lightbulb moment! I haven’t changed my needle in the 18 months I’ve had it and the tension has been playing up for me recently. Guess what I’m off to do……?

  2. I usually change all needles – serger and conventional machine – after two projects. There is no arguing with your pictures!

  3. hahahaha oh that’s awesome. Its just a ‘little bit different’ (sounds like a pre-school anti-bullying ad). I don’t have a serger but I change needles pretty frequently on my sewing machine…

  4. A very timely reminder! (and great close up pics to show the difference between needles) Thanks Catherine!

  5. Ha! You know, it hasn’t even OCCURRED to me to change the needles on my overlocker. Um…

  6. 6 Clio

    Oooh, I am overdue to change the needle on my serger…. good reminder!

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