The amazing technicolor dress

This dress is certainly not my usual style. I normally wear solid colours, lots of black, fitted garments. But I fell in love with the fabric, the fabric dictated the pattern (Burda 111-03-2010), and here it is.

Burda 111 03/2010 front view

I lined the dress with a very drapey, slippery knit mesh. The extra weight of the lining probably helps the low neckline stay put – which it does surprisingly well.

Burda 111 03/2010 back view

I don’t know what’s up with the hem in the shot below. I swear it’s not that uneven in real life.
Burda 111 03/2010 side view

I have a wedding to go to in June and I’d like to wear this; I’m really not sure what accessories to put with it though. Thoughts most welcome!

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  1. oo I do like that though I would need to have it a tad longer, hate my knees showing.

    I would match it with red strappy sandles, a match clutch bag and maybe a pashmina type thing picking out one of the colours

  2. wonderful dress, just love that fabric!
    Shoes definately in one of the colours in the fabric… but a nude colour would work well too…, a tiny shoulder bag and yes, a pashmina. It’s got a bit of a 70’s feel going and you could echo that in the accessories.

  3. It looks even better in person than your sketches!
    I’ve never thought twice about that pattern, but it looks really comfortable.

  4. That fabric is amazing, and you arranged the pattern wonderfully. I’d wear pewter or gunmetal shoes and a bright, contrasting clutch – perhaps pick out one of those bright greens? And a simple gold bangle bracelet and stud earrings so as not to distract from the print.

  5. Wow wow wow! This dress is a stunner! The pattern matching is stellar. Well done and kudos. You look beautiful. I think some simple jewelry is all that’s needed. Let the dress do the talking.

  6. Catherine, that dress is lovely, you’ve let the fabric shine with a simple design, which is what it needed, in my humble opinion. I think you need to keep the accessories fairly neutral, cream or ivory. For shoes I would go with some wedges in nude, like the others say, perhaps even with ties going up the leg (can you still get those?) plus some big earrings and necklace. A large brimmed hat as well? OK, maybe that’s too much, but certainly don’t be shy with your accessories, the dress can take it.

  7. Ohmy that is just stunning! Your IRL version far surpasses the drawing and that was pretty amazing in and of itself! I have no suggestions on jewelry and shoes for the dress because I think unless it is something glaringly gruesome, no one will look at anything except for your magnificent frock!

    As for the uneven hem, it’s your hand on your hip. I have to be careful when taking pictures of the exact same hand malfunction.

    One more time the dress is absolutely stunning! Fantastic job!!!

  8. This dress is just perfect, I can’t get over how perfectly you managed to arrange it all…very impressive! I like the idea above about wearing it with nude shoes – this dress can do all the talking itself ;o) Love it!

  9. Catherine! It really turned out beautifully. The print placement is killer. And it looks FABULOUS with your red hair. Since it’s such a fun print, you don’t need much in the way of accessories. Either a long necklace (maybe something that has a pendant and sits below your bust) or some statement earrings. Bravo!

  10. Oh wow – that print looks amazing on you! Those colours suit you SO well. Fabulous!

    As for accessories … I’d say, keep it low-key so that print does all the talking. I’m generally a silver person, but with those colours it’s got to be gold. I’d say big earrings (plus you have the lovely long neck for them) and either strappy red sandals (as someone above already suggested), or soft gold shoes/sandals. By that, I don’t mean bright yellow gold, but the kind of gold that’s very silvery, if that makes sense?!

    Fabulous dress, though – great work!

  11. Your print planning worked to perfection! The colours are great on you. I agree with the ‘minimal’ accessories camp. I like the shoes you are wearing with it but perhaps strappy neutral sandals for the wedding?

  12. Truly gorgeous! With a dress like this accessories should be minimal, don’t want to take attention away from your beautiful dress 😉

  13. I absolutely love it! The time you’ve put into the print placement was completely worthwhile, and it looks absolutely fabulous on you.

  14. Stunning dress, I love it and you made a good pattern choice to showcase the amazing fabric. I think this will be a great dress for a wedding, I’d wear it with some dressy heels and a colourful clutch bag, I don’t think you need to add anything else by way of accessories.

  15. Wow! That fabric is gorgeous! And your pattern placement if flawless, great job xx I don’t think you need to stress too much with accessories, let the dress speak for you.

  16. The dress is lovely and really shows off the fabric!
    I’d wear it with nude shoes (as in no toes) and a clutch in the same shade as the shoes. I’d say patent or satin for shoes and clutch, with a strong preference for the former.

  17. Oh, your dress is absolutely stunning! I love the fabric, and the style! And now I want summer to come back already 😉

  18. Great stuff! That fabric has worked out so well with the pattern. It pays to do all the placement carefully first! An although you wouldn’t usually wear colours like that, it really looks good on you. Shoes – go for metallics or a loverly pistashio green…

  19. You look stunning! I love how colorful and floaty the dress is. I imagine it’ll keep you nice and cool on a warm day.

    If you wear a necklace it can’t be too chunky. You don’t want the necklace to compete with that print and gorgeous neckline. It’s such a statement dress that I’d pair it with nude shoes, matching clutch and a lovely reddish pashmina.

  20. I’m speechless – this is just stunning, Catherine. The colours are amazing. As for the styling, I agree with most of the previous comments – go with something neutral on your feet, a glitzy bag and let the dress speak for itself.

  21. Great dress! Pattern placement is especially good 🙂
    Re: accessories – couple of dark bitter-brown chunky-ish bangles, and a long (tie-it in a knot type) necklace/pendant (in a dark bronze colour) would look nice IMHO.

  22. Catherine, this dress looks fabulous on you! The print and colors are gorgeous, and the style is great for the print. You did an excellent job of print placement. As for what to wear with this, I agree with neutral, soft warm metallic, or red shoes. Your bag could pick up one of the colors in the print, or be a neutral. A wide red bangle would be cool, too.
    Most importantly, have fun when wearing this dress. It’s a stunner!

  23. That is awesome. Goes so well with your hair! If you make this again, could you make it with a tulip skirt? You’re so tall and fit and so you don’t need the A-line silhouette XD

  24. Stupendous! The fabric print is just beautiful, and your pattern matching is awesome. I’m with the nude shoes or strappy red shoes and minimal jewellery views too, you don’t want anything that draws attention away from the gorgeousness of the dress.

  25. Fantastic dress. I’d go with sensational red shoes and bag for the accessories and some elegant gold or brass earrings. Keep the neck bare.

  26. oooh! love the way you used the pattern of the fabric on the dress.
    i think it would look great with a vintagey black baubley necklace or cuff and a black clutch.

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