Silver trousers

Burda 103b 07/2010

The silver trousers are done. These are Burda 103B-07-2010 again. My previous attempt was made in black stretch denim. The silver fabric is also denim, but definitely non-stretch. I made the same size as I did the first pair because I really didn’t want them to be baggy, but basted them together to check the fit before sewing the seams. Despite the lack of stretch they’re still comfortable.

I lowered the waist on these by about an inch from the original style. They’re also a bit longer in the leg than the black pair. In fact they’re a bit too long – see all the creasing round my ankles – but I really prefer them that way.

I made these in a jeans style with double top-stitched inseams and yoke seams, but none of that has showed up in the pictures so you’ll have to take my word for it.

The fabric is more of a pewter colour than full on bacofoil silver. It looks a bit shinier in the sunlight, below. The silver is painted on to a black base fabric and in places the paint is not even. Luckily the only place where I’ve ended up with much of a mismatch is the top of one of the inseams so it can’t be seen.

Burda 103b 07/2010

And here’s the obligatory back view. The fit’s far from perfect, but if I’d found silver skinny jeans in the shops in anything approximating my size I’d have bought them, so I’m very happy with these. It’s really great being able to sew things!

Burda 103b 07/2010

22 thoughts on “Silver trousers

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! These look amazing. And your fly looks like a real fly. Can we get some detail shots? Well done. Oh and I love the fabric.

  2. OMG I can’t believe how brilliant they look! You clever thing. I think they fit great.

    You absolutely must wear them on the next meet up! I have put my name down for the tea thingy in London in the summer (thanks for your response, by the way, to my question about the meet ups).

    Seriously stylish jeans!

  3. How fantastic, these look just fab!!! Now you have two great-fitting pairs of self-made trousers…so impressive!!!

  4. These pants look so badass (in a good way!). I don’t even know where I would begin to look for silver denim, but I think I need to try after seeing these!

  5. You are rockin’ these trousers, for sure! Can’t believe this is only your second pair. You appear to be an accomplished sewer. Keep on sewing and showing us more!

  6. I LOVE YOUR NEW JEANS! You look about 7 feet tall! I also really like the look of the added length–it makes them slouchy in a way that makes “silver pants” appropriately casual for every day. But still ultra-cool.
    (And as an added bonus, with “ZERO” printed on your t-shirt, you could totally channel “bullet with butterfly wings” music video! (or you could take it the other way with a white mesh maribou top and blue hair…hahaha!))

  7. These are so bad ass! Matte silver trousers? Epic! Last month you’re weren’t too sure about making trousers and now you’re making awesome ones. Nicely done.

  8. These are great! They are a lot tamer than your inspiration shot. You have certainly nailed trouser making – the fit is amazing.

  9. Fabulous! Catherine, these look absolutely amazing; I love the fabric and the fit is perfect… you are rocking these bigtime!

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