Sewing with the plague

I haven’t actually got the plague, but I do have a cold that will not go away. The worst thing about it is that I’ve definitely not been up to sewing. When you find you’re ripping out as much as you’re stitching it’s definitely time to walk away from the machine. So the silver trousers are only coming on very slowly. I’ve basted them together, adjusted the fit, and now I’m constructing for real. What with all the top-stitching involved I’ve not got very far. The front is about done but the back half is yet to be ready to attach. I made a male style fly this time. The one on the other pair of trousers I made feels wrong because they’re the opposite way round to my jeans.

Silver trousers in progress

I am optimistic for these. The fit’s still not quite right but I liked them when I tried the basted version on.

5 thoughts on “Sewing with the plague

  1. Hi, the stitching on the front is excellent, I’m in the middle of my third attempt at trousers this week and I’m having terrible trouble with the fly. Next pair will be proper jeans. Get well Soon.

  2. Wow, your stitching is very neat! These are coming along great.

    I hope you feel better very soon. Having such a cold is miserable, I know.

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