Protocol droid legs

So I guess the first attempt at trousers is officially a success! Thanks for all the kind comments. I wore them to work this week – always a good test – and they were pretty comfortable but I realised I’d ideally like the waist a bit lower and the legs longer. Now as I don’t wear trousers much I wasn’t going to rush out and look for fabric for a second pair. But I was sorting my stash looking for things to potentially swap at Claire’s Walthamstow meetup next week and found some silver-painted denim. And I’ve always had a bit of a thing about silver trousers. My inspiration folder contains a large section of images of shiny trousers, including Balenciaga’s notorious C-3PO leggings. Here’s a few.

collage of shiny trouser pictures

I’ve never actually owned a pair of silver trousers, so I squeezed the Burda trouser pattern onto the silver denim and cut it out again. This is all a bit of a gamble. The silver denim has no stretch, unlike the black stuff I used last time, and the painting is a bit uneven in tone which could lead to some unfortunate contrast effects at the seams. I didn’t have enough of the fabric left to have any useful choice over how I laid the pieces out so I’m just going with what I’ve got. If they don’t work out they can at least be used for dressing up as a droid. Wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “Protocol droid legs

  1. Good luck with them, it’s a really cool idea, but where do you wear shinny pants too? cocktail party or maybe some enthusiastic errand running? Either way, it’s going to look cool!

  2. Fantastic idea, but then C3PO did have good legs. Still does, I guess that’s the enduring quality of film. Wish we were the same hey? Whatever happens good luck.

  3. These are some pretty awesome inspirations photos! I particularly love the wide leg silver ones in the bottom right hand corner.
    And your first pair of trousers in the previous post… wow!! You did an amazing job, and they look super cool! You have the perfect figure to carry off skinny jeans with gorgeously nonchalant chic.

    1. Ah well, it’s a bit late now as they’re mostly constructed. The fabric’s more of a pewter shade than bacofoil though. Pics next week, then we’ll see if they’re actually wearable!

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