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The sewing blogosphere and its feline helpers have already reviewed the new Vogue patterns, and in the main the reaction has been one of disappointment. And on first glance at the collection I had to agree. It didn’t even strike me as particularly fugly, just uninspiring. There is one honourable exception in 1305. I don’t […]



I’m never quite sure how often to change the needle on the overlocker. I change the sewing machine needle for most new projects, but I’ve been using the same overlocker needle for a while. The tension on the overlocker was being more than usually temperamental recently so I decided to treat it to a new […]

New toys


Thank-you all so much for the suggestions about accessorising the peacock print dress. I’m going to have to do some shoe shopping, such hardship! For a long time now I have been putting off having my long-suffering Elna sewing machine serviced. The only place it can be done locally only services machines on a few […]

This dress is certainly not my usual style. I normally wear solid colours, lots of black, fitted garments. But I fell in love with the fabric, the fabric dictated the pattern (Burda 111-03-2010), and here it is. I lined the dress with a very drapey, slippery knit mesh. The extra weight of the lining probably […]

Remember this peacock feather print fabric? I’ve spent a lot of time staring at it over the last few days, trying to work out the best way to make a dress out of it. I swear I will be seeing peacock feather eyes in my sleep tonight. I was originally attracted to the print by […]

Silver trousers


The silver trousers are done. These are Burda 103B-07-2010 again. My previous attempt was made in black stretch denim. The silver fabric is also denim, but definitely non-stretch. I made the same size as I did the first pair because I really didn’t want them to be baggy, but basted them together to check the […]

Hah, I wrote this on Saturday, having just got back from Claire’s Walthamstow fabric swap and shopping meetup. I was so tired I forgot to press publish. But it was so much fun! I got some wonderful things in the swap. Thanks Karen, Jane, Rachel and Zoe! And some gorgeous fabric… Orangey-red cotton for a […]