I made shorts!

I finally did it. I made shorts. They are not the most perfect shorts the world has ever seen, but I think they’ve actually turned out wearable. I’m really pleased with the results. Thank-you all for your good advice and encouragement! I really can’t imagine sewing without the Internet sewing community.

Burda 111 06/2011

The pattern is 111A-06-2011 from BurdaStyle magazine. It’s also available to purchase as a PDF download. I picked the style because it has a side zip which I figured would be easier than a fly closure for a first attempt at trousers. The design is extremely simple. The only real detail is the cute patch pockets on the back.

Burda 111 06/2011

There are inseam side pockets as well. Putting an invisible zip into a seam with a pocket attached was easier than I expected. The side in this photo is the one without the zip, which surprisingly came out looking worse than the zip side. It looks OK in this picture, but it’s a bit wobbly in real life. I think it could use a bit of understitching and stay tape to stabilize the pocket edge and side seam. My fabric is a stretch cotton twill and the pattern is intended for non-stretch fabric.

Burda 111 06/2011

Using stretch fabric makes it a bit difficult to judge the fit, but I think it’s come out OK. The only thing I want to adjust is to let the side seams out a very small amount. I should have realised I needed to do that in advance, but I didn’t look at the size chart carefully enough.

I hitched my jumper up in most of the photos so the waistband is visible, but in practice I’m far more likely to wear these shorts like this.
Burda 111 06/2011

I wonder if I can get away with these at work. Perhaps without the purple tights.

Anyway this bodes well for trouser-making! I’ve just acquired some really nice black stretch denim for an attempt at some Burda stovepipe trousers. Wish me luck.


20 thoughts on “I made shorts!

  1. Lovely shorts Catherine they fit really well. I do love winter shorts, probably more than summer ones. The tights look good too.

  2. I’d love to be a fly at your office should you bravely wear these shorts to work. lol. I love the shorts though. Might have to look at the pattern. Summer’s coming, and I want to rock shorts this summer.

  3. I really need to try a Burda pants pattern, but I don’t usually like the styles of pants and trousers they put out. These look great though, you must have sewn down the front pleat? or maybe the tech drawing just looks funny.

    1. Thanks! I had a closer look and the tech drawing on Burda’s website is for view B, which has the pleats at the front, and I made view A which has darts instead. I definitely prefer the flat front.

    1. This is Elizabeth of SEWNblog.com. I am having difficulty leaving comments on wordpress blogs. Sorry.

  4. They look great on you! Everything looks great on you!

    Seriously, they look really good.

    You should have seen my attempt at trousers a few weeks ago. Terrible. I must persevere.

  5. I would wear them to work with the purple tights. But then I turn up to work in smart dresses paired with my snow boots, so maybe I’m not the best person to give clothing advice!

  6. Great job on those shorts, Catherine! I made up these shorts many times last summer for DD1. It was the first time I’d put an invisible zip into an in-seam side pocket, but I thought Burda’s instructions were really easy to follow. Yours look great, and, if I may say so, think the purple tights are perfect!

  7. Oh I absolutely love how you’ve styled these. I have been pondering shorts for some time. Not the bare leg ballet shoe look but with tights and boots mostly… I’m not that brave! They are such a great fit and thank you for the thumbs up on the zip and the pocket issue. I might have avoided that pattern for fear of it being a pain!

  8. ooo good luck and really you don’t need it cos the shorts are dead cute. Love the styling too … fantastic tights and boots.

  9. Ooh, my comment mysteriously vanished so you may get this twice – if not, your shorts look great and the fit is terrific. Trousers are going to be a cinch If the Burda trousers block fits that well. Love the tights too.

  10. Great shorts and they look fantastic with the purple tights! (great legs too!) My kids wear shorts all year round, over leggings in the winter, but I can’t quite get my head round winter shorts for me!

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