Passing on the Liebster blog award

Last week Magpie Makes kindly nominated this blog for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank-you so much!

Liebster Blog Award

The way this blog award works is that you nominate five other blogs you enjoy with less than 200 followers and link to them. This was really difficult to do as there are so many I wanted to nominate. I’ve managed to choose the five sewing-related blogs below. I know not everyone does the blog award/meme thing, but I always really enjoy these blogs – I hope you have a look and like them too.

And the other thing I want to say is thank-you all so much for the lovely comments about my Burda dress with the exposed zip. I am definitely going to have to get the mirrorshades.

7 thoughts on “Passing on the Liebster blog award

  1. Oh wow… thank you Catherine! I feel very honoured. And I’m sure I am going to have a job and a half choosing who to send this on to also!

  2. Catherine, thank you! I would never have imagined anyone would choose me…that has made my day!

    I will have to post more. I must rise to the occasion.

    Thanks again.

  3. Congratulations on the award!
    I’m sorry I missed commenting on your black dress when you first posted it; it is is just amazing!! I completely love your version of this pattern. The exposed zip looks fantastic, and accentuates your figure beautifully. And how long are your legs?! You look fabulous!

  4. Wow Catherine thank you so much for passing on this rad award, Janene just gave me one too, Happy days, I shall run a lap of honour around Spotlight hehe. thank you lovely lady xxoo

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