Not quite Blade Runner

Isn’t the Internet amazing? I thought I’d ruined my white cotton drill fabric but Sewing Elle and The Perfect Nose came along with some advice that resurrected it. It’s now cut out and interfaced. And Clare S nominated this blog for the Leibster Blog Award. Thank-you so much, all of you! I’m going to have to give some serious thought to picking five other blogs to pass the award on to; there are so many great blogs out there.

So what have I been up to? Finishing Burda 117A-02-2012, a knit dress from the February Burda that is proving extremely popular in the sewing blogosphere. In the magazine it was shown as both a colour-block and plain version. I’ve seen two great colour-block versions from FehrTrade and SewTawdry but I went with the plain black version on the grounds that I wanted the exposed back zip to be the main feature of my dress. Consequently you can see absolutely none of the pattern’s many seamlines in the photos. But rest assured, they are there. I traced all those lines, added seam allowances, and then matched them all up. And they do match. Honest.

Burda 117 02 2012

Burda 117 02 2012

The back zip is what really makes this version. I got it from Klein’s in London. My zip isn’t actually functional. The fabric is stretchy enough that I can pull the dress on over my head, and I feel a lot safer from wardrobe malfunctions knowing that centre back seam is sewn firmly shut. I also really like the cap sleeves. You can’t see it in the pictures but there’s a small pleat at the top which gives them a nice curvy shape.

Burda 117 02 2012

This got made to the accompaniment of the Blade Runner soundtrack and I was hoping it would come out a little bit cyberpunk, but I’m not sure it really has. Maybe if I add mirrorshades?

22 thoughts on “Not quite Blade Runner

  1. Wowzers – you are on a roll, girlfriend. Knocking those dresses and coats out. I absolutely love this. How clever to sew the zip over a seam, rather than try to make it work – which would just be a complete nightmare.

  2. Wow. This is stunning. You look amazing. Looks so much cooler in black. The exposed zipper was a great idea. Perfect shoes to finish it off and shades… yes!

  3. I think I prefer your all black version. Its less, which means you can wear it with more stuff. The style really suits, but then again, you have a knack for picking out patterns that suit you.

  4. Well maybe the soundtrack worked – you must be some kind of cyborg to be modelling outside in February! Seriously though this is just the most incredible dress and you look amazing in it.

  5. Some shades and boots would definitely tip it over the edge to cyberpunk. I really love this dress too and want to make it, the solid colored versions have been my favorite so far.

  6. I LOVE it! I’m such a sucker for an exposed zipper. And, you’re right, there are so many great versions of this dress out there already – it seems to be a winner for everyone who’s made it, including you!

  7. Stunning! Seeing this pattern all in black it’s like a while new dress and it’s an amazing LBD. I cancelled my Burda subscription so I can’t wait until this issue shows up in the bookstore.

  8. Not Blade Runner – its Aeon Flux! I didn’t like this pattern much till I saw it made up in black-also you have the height and figure to carry it off (hence the Aeon Flux comment-the zipper definitely helps too). On the subject of the zipper-this is the first exposed zipper I’ve ever seen that I’ve liked-it suits the look of the dress (makes it look like a wet suit from the back view-did I mention Aeon Flux already?) Thanks for citing me btw.

  9. This makes a great looking dress in a solid color. We may not be able to see all those seams in the picture, but they really help get a close body con fit. Love the zipper and the shoes.

  10. Very cool and, as above, the zipper is a fab finish. Mind if I borrow the idea for a garment for me at some point (with reference to your original of course)?

    I too look forward to this issue arriving on our shores.

  11. Lovely dress – I’m thinking of going with a single colour as well.

    How difficult do you think it will be to add longer sleeves? I think I’d be too cold with short sleeves but wouldn’t want to cover the zip up with a jacket.

    1. Thanks! It’s a knit dress so I think it’s quite doable. I think I’d find a pattern for a plain long-sleeved knit dress and lay it over the pattern pieces to draw in the armsyce. You’d only need to alter pieces 21,22,25. It looks as if the armscye extends over the end of 22 but it doesn’t really. If you do it, do share the results!

  12. Love the simplicity of the dress. It has strong structure and the zip really does give it an edge. Thanks for your lovely comments on boho to boardroom.

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