Does this look familiar?

Here’s my new coat, Vogue 1276 by Sandra Betzina.
Vogue 1276
Here’s the pattern envelope photo.

And this I found while browsing on Net-a-Porter. It’s from Rick Owens Lilies, one of my favourite lines.

While strikingly similar it’s not quite the same style. The Vogue has a much fuller skirt and lacks the extra-long sleeves. But it has all the features that appeal to me in the Rick Owens coat. Pure serendipity!

7 thoughts on “Does this look familiar?

  1. Awesome! I love Rick Owens too. Your version of the coat looks so much better than the pattern cover, why did they underplay the fullness of the skirt? I think that’s what makes it. I love your coat, by the way!

  2. Wow look at that snow…. hope the boiler didn’t go on the blink!

    Fantastic coat too and how ‘clever’ of Rick Owens, Vogue and fate to provide.

    I agree that warm ears are very important and your ears will indeed be warm and dramatically stylish too. Perfect.

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