Snowy Sunday

I finished my winter coat just in time. Those in the UK will know that we had a lot of snow on Saturday night! We took these pictures on Sunday morning, before getting down to clearing the paths and digging the car out of the snow.

Vogue 1276

It’s Vogue 1276, a Today’s Fit pattern. I was instantly attracted to it by the dramatic collar.

Vogue 1276

Which handily turns into a hood.

Vogue 1276

Vogue 1276

I lined it in a heavy acetate-viscose satin from The Lining Company. I like the bright yellow against the grey, although most of the time it’s not visible. The fashion fabric is a grey boiled wool-poly blend from Stone Fabrics.

Vogue 1276

I really really like this style. Good for striking dramatic poses. Nice roomy pockets. And it keeps my ears warm.

Vogue 1276

21 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

  1. Oh wow! *Closing my mouth now* I love how that collar falls around your shoulder. The perfect amount of drape. So gorgeous. That pop of color takes the whole look up a level. It’s so so chic!

  2. It’s beautiful, Catherine! I love that peek of yellow lining. Big pockets and the collar/hood combination make this coat a winner.

  3. That is one beautiful coat! I might have to find that pattern. Love the shot of colour with the lining, it’s perfect 🙂

  4. The coat is really really glorious! Good grief, you certainly have the knack of choosing items that are stylish and really suit you, too. And then making them look very individual. Fantastic!

  5. Your work is getting world-class. The lining just MAKES this couture! And you look wonderful in it. A true hit, “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

    Will be at St John’s, Smith Square, March 9 to see kid conduct CUSO in Sibelius. Would love to see you wearing this coat!

  6. You look so very glamorous! How nice to get the snow just as the coat was finished. That bright lining is a great touch too. Great project!

    P.s. My coat took me ages and we never did get any winter (at least not yet).

  7. So not fair! My daughter and I scoured Europe for 20 days in January searching for a drop of snow (We are Australians right?!) and not a drop did we find. Nice coat by the way.

  8. Oooh, it is amazing!! I love everything about it! The colour of the lining, that collar, those deep deep pockets, that fabulous hood!! The length is perfect too!

  9. Your coat is fantastic! I love the awesome color that you chose for the lining. Great job and boy do you have some snow on the ground. Honestly, I’m glad it’s there with you instead of here in the States!

  10. Wow what an amazing dramatic coat. It is almost Jedi-like – in the best possible way!!It looks warm and stylish. And I love the pop of colour in the lining.

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