The impossible colour


Behold my sister’s new dress, which she has kindly let me blog pictures of before putting it in the post to her. It’s Simplicity 3775, a classic knit dress and sadly now out of print. The fabric is a wool-elastane jersey which came from Cloth House on Berwick Street in London. My sister wanted a greeny-blue or bluish-grey colour so I was really pleased to find this fabric, which is pretty much exactly the colour I was thinking of.

The colour is the strangest thing. I couldn’t find thread to match it. Everything in Coats Duet was either slightly too blue or too green. Very dark green or black worked best. This was handy as the overlocker was threaded in black already.

The colour’s come out more blue than green in the pictures and the flash has really enhanced the subtle sheen of the jersey. It’s not shiny in real life!

11 Responses to “The impossible colour”

  1. What a lovely dress. I had to google some more images so I could see it being worn and it is indeed as flattering as I thought it would be. That midriff section is lovely. What a lucky sister!

  2. Oh this just looks so soft and lovly- like it would just hover over you in a flattering manner. Love.

  3. Your sister is so lucky. The dress looks very soft. Like Janene, I’ve had to look it up. Its a lovely dress.

  4. 4 Eleanor

    The lucky sister is very much looking forward to receiving this and trying it on! Looks fab.

  5. What a great sister you are! If she has your coloring, the color will be perfect on her!

  6. It is a lovely dress and your sister is indeed a lucky girl. I do wish I could see the colour as it is really …. :o)

  7. Funny thing, I have a dark teal fabric and I’m also finding it difficult to find matching thread! Even harder to find buttons! What’s up?

  8. That looks like a wonderful dress. Ohh and wool elastane jersey…yummo!

  9. Luv the colour, and v. nice of you to make this for her🙂
    And not having to re-thread the overlocker = happy days ;)!

  10. It is beautiful! And you are such a generous sister!! Your sister will be thrilled with such a gorgeous dress. The colour is amazing.

  11. 11 alice

    Fab dress!

    I lack the confidence (in my fitting skills) to sew for others, but it must be very satisfying.

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