Dragon kimono pictures

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I’d been making a kimono for my mother. It is now with her, so I can post some pictures of the finished object!

Dragon kimono close up

Dragon kimono front full length

Unfortunately you can’t really see the sleeves when it’s hanging on the dressform, so here’s a better shot. The cuffs were an improvisation because I got the length of the sleeves wrong when I was working out the layout, but I think they work well.

Dragon kimono sleeve

It’s not lined. The brocade is a lovely gold colour inside.

Dragon kimono showing inside

And here’s a completely gratuitous shot of the seam and hem finish. I’m normally the queen of not caring what the inside of a garment looks like (after all, who’s going to see?), but this fabric frayed so much it absolutely required binding the edges. And I will admit it looks nice, but I doubt I’ll be doing this on any well-behaved fabric.

Hong kong seam finish and hem with binding

11 thoughts on “Dragon kimono pictures

  1. Oh how beautiful. I bet your mum is delighted! Such a lot of effort to bind seams but soooo worth it. Gorgeous inside and out!

  2. Looks great! I’m with you on the seam finishes, most of the time my seams hold up just fine for years (you know, except the fraying fabrics).

  3. Stunning both the fabric and your design details! Both the outside and the inside are sheer perfection; I love that you went to the effort to finish off beautifully. I’ll bet your mother looks tres glamorous!

  4. This looks fab – does she wear it to lounge? I sure hope so.

    Like the cuffs and the seam & hem finishes are very fine. Must try that one day… PS I keep trying to see which way the dragons are going :o)

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