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My husband’s first comment on this dress was “It reminds me of something.” He can’t remember what, but I have a feeling that it’s the costume Patrick McGoohan wore in The Prisoner – a dark blazer with distinctive cream trim around the edges. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, there’s a page of […]

I’m a big fan of Burda Style magazine. I started buying it in 2009, and eventually got a subscription. I don’t make something out of every issue but I think I get my money’s worth. Burda has a rating system for their patterns which uses dots. It seems to combine both difficulty and time, so […]

Last week Magpie Makes kindly nominated this blog for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank-you so much! The way this blog award works is that you nominate five other blogs you enjoy with less than 200 followers and link to them. This was really difficult to do as there are so many I wanted to nominate. […]

Isn’t the Internet amazing? I thought I’d ruined my white cotton drill fabric but Sewing Elle and The Perfect Nose came along with some advice that resurrected it. It’s now cut out and interfaced. And Clare S nominated this blog for the Leibster Blog Award. Thank-you so much, all of you! I’m going to have […]

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about my coat! I have been wearing it every day to walk to work. Although almost all the snow has gone from round here it’s still pretty cold. This, however, is not a snowscape. It’s how the fabric for my latest project came out of the wash. […]

Here’s my new coat, Vogue 1276 by Sandra Betzina. Here’s the pattern envelope photo. And this I found while browsing on Net-a-Porter. It’s from Rick Owens Lilies, one of my favourite lines. While strikingly similar it’s not quite the same style. The Vogue has a much fuller skirt and lacks the extra-long sleeves. But it […]

Snowy Sunday


I finished my winter coat just in time. Those in the UK will know that we had a lot of snow on Saturday night! We took these pictures on Sunday morning, before getting down to clearing the paths and digging the car out of the snow. It’s Vogue 1276, a Today’s Fit pattern. I was […]