Yet another review of the new Vogues

Like half the sewing blogosphere I’d been waiting impatiently for the spring Vogue patterns to come out. They’re now up on the US website although as I write this they’ve yet to become available in the UK. But that’s OK, this time I think I can wait.

First impressions of the collection? What was the photographer thinking with those poses?

Doesn’t that hurt (1286)? She seems to be putting all her weight on one knee. The other foot isn’t in contact with the floor!

Is she trying to do the Eagle in four inch heels and a tight skirt (1280)?

How many cans of hairspray were involved (1281 and numerous others)?

What, you wanted to hear about the actual patterns?

There are a lot of lovely designer dresses there, including the three above, but somehow very few of them are ‘must-sews’ for me. There are a lot of dressing-up clothes there. I haven’t got a wedding to go to until June so I won’t be making any of the above any time soon.

Of the day dresses, two really stand out for me: 1285 and 1287. 1285 is a smart mock wrap dress, although I’d make it up in something a lot less transparent.

Vogue 1285 envelope photo

1287 has pockets and pleating and why on earth did they make up the sample in a fabric that hides the style lines? Not that it doesn’t look beautiful, but go and look at the line art. There’s more there than the photo shows. However it isn’t a million miles away in style from my favourite Vogue 1220.

Vogue 1287 envelope photo

The Very Easy range is often a bit blah, but this time they have this wrap dress 8784, which looks like a real classic. In fact it strongly resembles the sadly out of print Vogue 8379 but with a bonus extra skirt option.
Vogue 8784 envelope art

So in conclusion, I think this is a strong collection but not one that I’m going to rush out to sew. The ones I might wear are very similar to patterns I already own. This time I can definitely wait for the sale.

9 thoughts on “Yet another review of the new Vogues

  1. I’m beginning to realize that as your pattern collection grows, its entirely possible to form new styles from pieces of others! I love the back and the fit of the first dress. I agree thats quite a clever pose! I bet she didn’t get up very elegantly from that one! And I really like 1281, in that it looks like a seaparate bolero but when I went onto the site to see more pictures, the front was a bit unexpected and so unless you are size zero its entirely possible that one would look preggers in this dress!

  2. I actually really like the 1287. I will be getting that one. I also like the designer ones too, but like you, will be in no rush to buy them. I need loads of wrap dresses this year for practical reasons with junior mr.Dibs coming so the 8784 will definitely come in handy. Plus I also want to make the 1220 just because you make it look so good.

  3. The 1220 is really prety. Yes, what is going on with the pose of 1280. As if anyone ever stands like that! I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when they were giving the model directions. I’m amazed she hasn’t got a filthy look of annoyance on her face.

  4. I love that 1280, but it is a weird pose, you are right!
    I’ve notice pattern companies often use a print when a solid colour would show the lines and details of the garment sooooo much better….

  5. Maybe we should all be much more dressed up when we do our normal daily routine. Obviously the photographer was telling us that it is possible to pick up after the kids / boss / customer / whoever in a dress with a tight skirt….. Come on ladies!

    I still haven’t checked out the new Vogues other than those featured on blogs. I don’t need any encouragement to increase my pattern stash and I’m trying to wait until I’ve managed to get some good blocks fitted to my shape before I do. Theoretically I will then have a better time fitting other patterns, at least because I will have learned what quirks I have shapewise anyway. That’s my story and I’m trying to stick with it!

  6. I like 1285 and 1287, though the first thing I thought about the crazy-print one was…that’s a crazy print! Although I do like the fabric, it totally obscures the lines and details, as you have said.

    But 1285, the mock wrap is really lovely, and I still have quite a bit of suitable fabric in my stash.

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  7. Hi Catherine, in answer to your question, I don’t know, and will have to go through the magazines and count to see if less sizes options equates to more designs on offer in the 70’s magazines. I’m curious to know myself, and will let you know!

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