The job isn’t finished until you’ve tidied up

I’ve finished my mother’s kimono. Except I haven’t, because the sewing room looks like a bomb has hit it. Every surface is covered with fluffy polyester threads, including me. I think I’m going to have to vacuum everything, and I doubt the ironing board cover is ever going to be the same again. I never liked that ironing board cover anyway.

I had just enough fabric. I had worked out yardage for 45″ and 60″ width fabric before going shopping. When we found the perfect fabric in a 36″ width I had to do some hasty mental arithmetic. It worked out in the end. We will draw a veil over the fact that I got the sleeve lengths totally wrong and had to add deep cuffs. I think they look really good so clearly it was inspiration rather than incompetence!

The picture’s an in-progress shot, just after I’d finished the collar but before sewing up the sleeves. I’ll share photos of the final result after I’ve given it to my mother. And now to attempt to clean things up. I love the fabric but I’m going to be finding threads from it for months, I know it. Do you guys have to tidy up straight after finishing a project, or is it just me?

12 thoughts on “The job isn’t finished until you’ve tidied up

  1. Yes I tidy up too after each project (well my sort of tidy up, not usually going to the effort of involving a vacuum cleaner).

    That is one fabulous kimono. Beautiful work!

  2. Oh yes, you need to have a tidy up, ready for the next thing! It made me feel a bit sad after my coat, actually, putting the pattern away, throwing out the scraps that could never be used for anything else, taking the thread off the sewing machine. Ah well, that stage over. On to the next thing! I can’t wait to see your mum in the kimono – I know it’s going to be amazing.

  3. I do a mini tidy up at the end of each sewing session (tools away, sm cover back on, general neatening/organizing of parts and pieces for my next sewing session.) But this is more because my Craft Lounge does triple duty – It’s also my husband’s home office and the spare bedroom. So, keeping my mess minimal ensures the domestic peace. 😉

  4. The Kimono looks beautiful! Looking forward to the finished photos. I’m probably the messiest person alive, and definately only clean when I have to. That means usually leaving it till I go to start the next project & don’t have any room to move OR nearly kill myself getting to the iron. It’s bad and I’m not proud…

  5. Beautiful kimono fabric – your mother will be thrilled I’m sure. Tidying up after each project is important, it clears the mind and the space for the next project.

  6. I have the same problem with the coat i made my sister, still finding little black bits everywhere! I always put the pattern and leftover fabric away once I’m done, otherwise it doesn’t feel like I can pull something new out.

  7. What tidy up straight after doing a project? Are you daft? Sorry, of course you’re not and I never do. Tidy up straight away that is (I am, on the other hand, often daft). I put the obvious things away (pins, sharps etc), fold up patterns pieces and bin the rubbish. Other than that I do a good proper tidy up only when the spare bed is covered, I need to clean fluff and lint out of the machines, or I just can’t bear the tornado-hit-it look anymore.

    The kimono looks lovely. Worth every thread strewn about as a result!

  8. Looks gorgeous and I’m sure your Mom will be thrilled. I still keep a photo of my late mother wearing one of my creations for her, an YSL Vogue designer pattern in 1969. She was a working widow and now I only wish I had sewed more for her when I had a chance.

  9. Fabulous kimono, your mother is going to be thrilled!
    And I need to tidy up completely after each new project too, clear the decks for the next set of mess!

  10. Wow, love that fabric and can’t wait to see the finished article. No, you’re not alone – although I’m an obsessed vacuumer and tidy up every time I go in the sewing room for a sewing session – the rest of the house doesn’t get lavished with the same treatment mind you.

  11. Catherine, the kimono looks beautiful. I really love the shimmering blue colour, too.

    I am not a particularly tidy person but I do have to remove all the tiny fabric bits and the cut-off threads etc. from the table and floor every time I finish sewing (daily, I mean…not just at the end of a project). Even though these days the dining room is mostly used as a sewing room and my stuff is everywhere I have to at least tidy up all the little bits so they don’t get carried all round the rest of the house. I can’t bear to see a trail of cotton going up the stairs, all stuck to the carpet.

    I got my binding foot, by the way! Thanks for all the continuing good tips and the inspiration.

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