Twice as nice? With gratuitous Finished Object pictures

I already posted a picture of my grey version of Vogue 1220 on my dressform, and thank-you all for all the lovely comments! But as my husband has kindly taken some live action photos of it I’m afraid here it is again, with bonus additional musing on having made the same dress twice. (Oh and for Clare: the sateen for this one came from Cloth House in London, and another good place to find it is the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham. I don’t know any web shops that do it though – anyone?)

Here’s the grey version of the dress again:

Vogue 1220 grey

Vogue 1220 grey

Vogue 1220 grey

Below is the blue version. It’s quite a lot shorter. I think the blue one looks better in the pictures (wearing impractically high heels helps as well) but the grey one’s certainly easier to wear!

Vogue 1220 blue

I don’t very often make up a pattern twice in almost identical fabric like these two. When I do, I find I either wear each one half as often or one version (usually the older one which fits less well) gets relegated to the back of the wardrobe because it’s less satisfactory than the other.
I am hoping this style will be the exception because of the pockets. I don’t have enough dresses with pockets so the ones that do tend to get worn a lot.

15 thoughts on “Twice as nice? With gratuitous Finished Object pictures

  1. I really do think they both look fabulous. Every time I see this dress on you I go and check out the pattern again and I STILL haven’t made it. I’m not sure the tie around the waist would suit me (being so short). But it suits you so well.

    And I wouldn’t consider the darker version too short on you but I suppose it’s what you feel comfortable in that counts.

  2. Haha, thank you! I am officially addicted to sateen at the moment! I love the structure of it – it suits this pattern very well!

    Both versions of your dress look so good on you, though I think I prefer the grey, just because I can see all the detail in the photos and the gathers at the neckline are lush. I can see what you mean about the blue and the heels, though: you look very model-esque with those long legs!

  3. Love both versions. You have a stunning figure and this dress pattern is very flattering on you. Oh how I miss having a waist. 😉 I think you should wear both dresses non-stop!

  4. I’m with Clare S – the grey one looks fabulous and I love all the details. But I bet you will get use out of both. It’s a winning look on you.

  5. Both are lovely but I actually like the shorter one best. You’ve got the legs, as has been said already, with or without the impractical but cool shoes, and hey, why not.

  6. Oh goodness me. I actually have this pattern in my to do list post maternity. Your two are lovely. I prefer the grey one though.

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