Pattern of the year – the last make of 2011

Happy New Year! I’m actually writing this post on December 31st. Come Sunday morning I expect to be lying in bed nursing a small hangover after our traditional New Years Eve barbeque. It’s the only night of the year I manage to stay up late any more.

Vogue 1220

The dress above is my last make of 2011, Vogue 1220 in grey cotton sateen. I made it once already in navy blue sateen and it came out scandalously short. Despite the lack of length I have worn it a lot, always combined with very thick tights. The blue version also needs a slip because the sateen sticks to tights and wrinkles at the slightest excuse.

The grey version has another two inches of length added to the bodice over my usual two, making four in all, which brings it to about the right length. It is lined in black cupro.

Vogue 1220

Lining was pretty easy because the dress is finished with facings all the way round. I cut out the main pattern pieces in the lining fabric (leaving off the foldback self-facing on the front pieces) and made them up in the same way as the dress but without the front pleats to give a bit of ease. Then I pinned the lining inside the dress shell and and finished the facings over the top of it. I had to invisibly hem the lining to the dress around the neck to make it stay put there. I didn’t line the sleeves. I basted the lining to the dress at the armsyce and finished the armsyce with the overlocker after setting in the sleeves.

The buttons nearly caused this dress not to get finished at all. I marked the button placement incorrectly and didn’t notice until I’d sewn five of them on. Sewing on buttons is absolutely my least favourite sewing activity. But here they are, all attached in the right places at last.

Vogue 1220

This is my pattern of the year, narrowly beating Vogue 1239. It’s comfortable, flattering, and it has pockets. I’ve liked every version I’ve seen made up and there are a lot of them out there. Come on Vogue, give us another one like this in 2012!

12 thoughts on “Pattern of the year – the last make of 2011

  1. Ooh, lovely! This is such a ‘you’ dress. Love the colour and the execution – great work! It’ll be interesting to see what Vogue and the other pattern companies come up with in 2012!

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where do you get your sateen from? I’m always searching for this stuff and only ever seem to find prints and treated versions for curtain lining!

    1. Thanks! This sateen was from Cloth House on Berwick St in London, but I’ve also bought it from The Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham and once I found some in John Lewis.

      1. Thank you for the tip! Will have to try Cloth House out when I next get to go to London, though that’s not very often. Perhaps Birmingham – I’ll be sure to check that shop out if/when I go! I’ve found printed stuff in John Lewis (got some navy with white polka dots and a little elastane – it’s in the sale now!). Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Lovely! I like what you did with the lining on this one. I must say I haven’t worn mine very much, but when I do, it’s a pleasure. You must be taller than me, because it’s the perfect length on my short(er) legs!

  3. Very nice! And Happy New Year! I’ll have to move this dress higher up on my to do list. You’re right that every version of it that I’ve seen has been a winner.

  4. I love your version – it looks much better than the pattern photo! The grey looks very stylish.

    P.s hope the hangover wasn’t too bad!

  5. Great dress which I hope you wear loads too. This pattern is on my list for when I am confident enough – thanks for the notes about your lining – good idea.

    Oh, and welcome to 2011. Cheers, Emily

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