Disaster strikes

Disaster has struck my wrap dress project. As I posted on Sunday, I managed to cut the body of the dress out wrong side up so it would wrap the wrong way. That was recoverable from – as people kindly said, it’s likely no one’s going to notice. But when I came to sew the collar I found I’d cut the collar pieces the ‘correct’ way up, so they will have the wrong side of the fabric on the outside when I attach them to body. I haven’t got any more of the fabric so that’s the end of that. At least I only wasted the polyester and saved the red swirl print fabric for a better fate.

I am still intending to make the final version of the dress out of my Liberty fabric, but before I cut that out I’m going to remake the pattern with seam allowances included and the pieces marked ‘this way up’!

7 thoughts on “Disaster strikes

  1. Such a shame, but I agree with the other commentators about maybe finding a way to salvage it? If not, at least all the mistakes are out of the way for the real one!

  2. Thanks everyone…good advice as always! It’s too late for this dress (I had already binned the pieces before posting) but something to bear in mind the next time it all goes pear shaped 🙂

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