Wrap dress mark 1 – the first muslin

I’ve just done a muslin for my Liberty fabric dress. The pattern is an attempt to reproduce an elderly and much loved Vivienne Westwood wrap dress that has been sitting in a box for the last few years because I wore it to destruction but can’t bear to chuck it. Here’s the now rather sad-looking original. The most interesting feature aside from the amazing fabric is the collar, which extends into a sort of long flap on the left front that gets tucked through a buttonhole on the right front. Alternatively you can wear the flap loose. The original never looked quite right on me when worn tucked in, but it’s effective on the dressform.

Here’s the muslin on me. It needs a few changes, in particular bit of extra width over the hips, but I think I’ve managed to make the collar work!

What changed was that I moved the buttonhole down quite a way. The muslin now has three buttonholes. Here’s the collar tucked into the highest one, which corresponds to the one on the original dress.

And here it is on the lowest buttonhole, which is the one I shall use.

And here’s the collar worn loose.

So this is looking quite hopeful so far. Of course I still have to do all the adjustments, draft facings, and work out how to construct the real thing, but I’m very pleased with this for a first effort.

6 thoughts on “Wrap dress mark 1 – the first muslin

  1. I love the collar and think you are quite right to make it a bit lower.

    Is the skirt on the original cut on the bias? Maybe it’s the picture but looks like it has a rather nice clingy look at the bottom. Or may be its just shaped a little like a pencil skirt.

    I do wish Vogue would issue some Vivienne Westwood patterns for those of us who aren’t as clever as you!

    1. That’s a thought…the grainline was puzzling me a bit on the original. I’ve just checked and I think the skirt is on the straight grain because it stretches more at 45 degrees to the vertical than at zero or ninety, so it must be slightly pegged to get that shape. Another thing to factor in to the adjustments, thanks!

  2. Good job, you, copying this! I love the collar, and I think it lays very well using the lower buttonhole, although I personally prefer the dramatic quality of just letting it sit instead of tucking it in. I’m looking forward to seeing your steps to the finish line.

  3. What a great job you’re doing! You make me realise how much of a lazy crafter I am. I am now inspired to do something a bit different. But I have to get my Butterick B5559 finished first (just started sewing again after a long break due to our building work).

    I’m glad you’re still blogging!

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