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I’m still trying to make my mind up about what pattern to use for my Death Star fabric. The reason I was originally drawn to the fabric is that it reminded me of this Vivienne Westwood wrap dress, which I bought years ago and wore until it’s practically in rags. I couldn’t bear to throw it out so it’s sat in a drawer for a few years. I haven’t ironed it for the picture – I assure you it wasn’t quite this tatty when I put it away!

The print is fantastic, but I also really like the shape of this dress and the interesting collar detail. Although I don’t remember it being quite this tiny…I wonder if the ill-advised trip through the washing machine that made the dye run also made the fabric shrink. Here’s the Death Star fabric again for comparison. The spheres are about 5cm (2″) across.

A rummage through my collection of Burdas hasn’t turned anything quite like the Vivienne Westwood, but there are a few nice wrap dresses.

This is 134 from April 2011. Burda made it up in a floral silk batiste. I like that it has long sleeves and pockets, but it needs a huge amount of fabric. Assuming I can fit the pieces onto my yardage this is my current favourite.

This is 122 from October 2011. Again, nice long sleeves and a real 70s vibe which I think would go well with the print.

111 from October 2010. For some reason I am not as keen on the technical drawing as on the photo of the style in the magazine, where they’ve made the dress up in a large scale animal print. Not liking the technical drawing is probably a bad sign.

104 from September 2011. This was the cover dress, made up in animal-print chiffon. I’m not sure about the asymmetric sleeve detail at all, but the rest of the shape is nice and the sleeves can always be changed.

A little voice in my head is saying I could always make one of the Burda dresses and copy the Vivienne Westwood too if I bought a bit more fabric…

8 thoughts on “Pattern Choice

  1. I really like the most recent wrap dress. From the how popular that fabric sounded in your last post, you might want to go out and buy more now while you still can!

  2. I think if you so loved the VW dress (and who wouldn’t?), I would take it apart very carefully – if you were not going to wear it ever again forever and ever – make a paper pattern and then you can have it as many times as you like.

  3. I love your original VW dress. That collar detail (does one side feed through the other side?) is soooo cool. I agree that the first pattern would work to copy the VW dress. Just add that cool collar!

  4. My suggestion is to copy the VW! Why keep it around if you can’t wear it, so why not use it for a pattern? Of course, you’ll have to take lots of notes on construction and photos so you will be able to put the new version together correctly, but won’t it be fabulous when it’s done?

  5. You could trace the original design. If don’t want to do this, I thought of McCalls 6163. While it is a knit fabric pattern, it would be possible to insert an invisible zip at the centre back.

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