Death Star fabric

I’m still procrastinating about cutting out my hoodie dress. So with the project queue piling up again, what better time to acquire yet more fabric?

This is Liberty’s Emilia de Poret fabric.

I’ve been dithering over this since first seeing it when visiting Liberty with Elizabeth and co. This weekend I finally made up my mind to buy it. Good thing I did, because the lady who cut it for me told me there has been a bit of a run on it lately. Apparently people have been coming into the shop and asking for this particular design, so it must have been in a magazine or on TV. Does anyone know where?

The pattern is supposed to resemble glitterballs or microphone heads. But it reminds me more of the Death Star, especially in the grey colourway.

I’m planning to make a wrap dress out of it, but haven’t settled on a pattern. My collection of Burdas is coming into its own here. I’ve only been buying it a year or two and there are five or six possible patterns. Decisions, decisions.

5 thoughts on “Death Star fabric

  1. I love the pattern but I think I’d be too worried about possible unfortunate pattern placement to ever make this into a top or dress (disco balls on the top half?) You are a brave woman! Then again, maybe the scale of the pattern makes it a non-issue? I can’t wait to see how you sew this up.

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