Longest pattern instructions ever

Great excitement the other day as my new Vogue patterns arrived. I managed to restrict myself to four this time: three from the new collection and one older Chado Ralph Rucci design, Vogue 1107. I picked the Rucci because I’ve made two of his other patterns and loved them both. This one’s not quite my style but it looks like an interesting sew.

I had a quick look at the instruction sheets when it arrived. Five sheets (just for the English instructions; there’s another page for French). One hundred and seven steps. Some of the steps are teaching you basic macramé to make the belt but they also skip over making bound buttonholes in about two stages. I think this one is going to make Vogue 1073 and Vogue 1239 look like a walk in the park. Each of those took about a month to sew. Maybe I’ll save this one for the Christmas holidays!

7 thoughts on “Longest pattern instructions ever

  1. Ah, I have this pattern too but have put off making it because of the serious number of steps and complexity. Will really look forward to hearing how it goes for you, since you’ve had such success with other tricky patterns!

  2. Great design and seems very ‘you’. A lot of pattern steps don’t phase me. Unfortunately, I think the pattern companies tend to provide too few instructions, missing steps to save on production costs.

  3. Hmmm… I don’t have this particular Rucci in my stash, but you’re really inspiring me to get going on the Rucci’s I do have in my stash. Incredibly long instructions are a good thing, I think, because you learn a LOT about construction techniques going through all the steps. I look forward to seeing your version of this one!

  4. 107 steps! That is huge! I can imagine it more with a complicated jacket, but a dress. Woo. It must have a lot of intricate features. I have this pattern too and love the look of it but haven’t made it up yet. I’m looking forward to seeing your version.

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